London College of Fashion ..have you heard of it?

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brimfull Sat 02-Feb-08 20:52:49

also called
University of the Arts London.

I have never heard of it.

Is it crapola?

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southeastastra Sat 02-Feb-08 20:53:31

lol hope not, my neice is there atm

ZippiBabes Sat 02-Feb-08 20:54:01

yes and no

brimfull Sat 02-Feb-08 20:56:34

oops sorry

I know nothing southeastra

what's she doing?

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suzycreamcheese Sat 02-Feb-08 20:57:33

yes of course!..
no, what's that??..

gloriana Sat 02-Feb-08 20:58:18

My sis went to Ldn Coll of Fashion and studied Fashion Marketing. Her degree seemed totally bona fide (judging by what she studied, coursework, software applications etc).

MissingMyHeels Sat 02-Feb-08 20:58:38

I think it depends on what course you are wanting to do. It certainly doesn't have a bad reputation however for fashion design courses etc Central St Martins is considered the place to go.


brimfull Sat 02-Feb-08 20:58:44

I mean to ask what sort of reputation has it got?

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southeastastra Sat 02-Feb-08 20:58:46

lol it's ok, prosthestics (sp)! and make up.

brimfull Sat 02-Feb-08 21:00:36

that's what dd is intersted in

cosmetic science

dh thinks it sounds a bit of a mickey mouse course

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rantinghousewife Sat 02-Feb-08 21:00:56

I thought it had quite a good reputation.

southeastastra Sat 02-Feb-08 21:03:12

there is a market out there, how old is your dd?

fizzbuzz Sat 02-Feb-08 21:04:22

I had an interview to go there years ago. I think it's meant to be very good.

Not sure St Martin's is any better than anywhere else TBH (I had an interview there as well, and thought it was awful)It has a lot of contacts who publicise it IMO. More about "Who you know" than "What you know"

brimfull Sat 02-Feb-08 21:04:42

16 starting A levels in sept

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southeastastra Sat 02-Feb-08 21:07:03

neice started the course in september, she absolutely loves it.

brimfull Sat 02-Feb-08 21:08:54

was it hard to get in?

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southeastastra Sat 02-Feb-08 21:12:15

i think it is, my neice is very independent and knows what she wants though.

southeastastra Sat 02-Feb-08 21:20:00

encourage her to apply ggirl

sushistar Sat 02-Feb-08 21:20:34

Yeah, I've heard of it. I think it's ok.

brimfull Sat 02-Feb-08 21:35:28

We had the prospectus through this morning.

Will have a look with her.

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Crunchie Sat 02-Feb-08 21:39:37

yes I went there, bloody good for all sorts of fashion courses / make up etc one of the top ones IMHO

Shame I bombed out really!!

I hated it

But that was becuase I am a rubbish student and hated writing a 10 page essay on why scissors are a good design or some such boollix

MarsLady Sat 02-Feb-08 21:50:57

My sister is one of the lecturers/tutors there. It's a great place.

brimfull Sat 02-Feb-08 21:53:02

sounds like a good place then smile

does anyone know how long the cosmetic science course has been running?

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MarsLady Sat 02-Feb-08 21:54:15

I can ask my sister but she's out tonight and I'm just about to go out so might not have an answer for you until tomorrow or Monday. Sorry!

pixiella Sat 02-Feb-08 21:56:41

london college of fashion is one of the top fashion universities in the world.

BUT when you go there it doesn't seem that's mainly just the contacts and opportunities you gain when you go there and the prestige that goes with saying 'oh yes i did fashion management at LCF and as soon as a graduated Chanel snapped me up for...blah blah blah'

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