How much f2f has your student had?

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avenueq Tue 13-Apr-21 19:31:52

What year, subject, where in the country?
Dd, 2nd year, languages, South -
50 % socially distanced f2f until December, online since then

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Nothingoriginalhere Tue 13-Apr-21 19:35:37

dd first year law @Newcastle
Not a single f2f lecture/meeting/study group/
apparently msy even still be online in September for the new year.

rentnotsub Tue 13-Apr-21 19:46:14

Final year masters, no f2f until March and that is only lab work, not lectures.

GreenChips Tue 13-Apr-21 19:47:38

Art subject - 3rd yr Glasgow uni has had no face to face reaching since March 2020 and the online teaching since Christmas has been patchy at best.

avenueq Tue 13-Apr-21 20:26:32


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ErleighBird Tue 13-Apr-21 20:31:24

Modern Languages, first year, none at all

avenueq Tue 13-Apr-21 20:34:27

Which uni is that?

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RampantIvy Tue 13-Apr-21 20:35:54

Biomedical sciences year 2, Newcastle. One 6 hour lab practical in autumn term and one 2 hour lab practical just before Easter. Everything else has been online. Morale is very low among the students.

mumsiedarlingrevolta Tue 13-Apr-21 20:38:49

DD is second year.

A combination of lecturer strikes and covid means that she will have had 10 weeks of F2F in TWO YEARS

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VanCleefArpels Tue 13-Apr-21 20:40:13

Social science, plate glass Uni in the south, second year. 50% F2F seminars until Cmas, online since then, all lectures online since Sept.

Iwant2move Tue 13-Apr-21 20:44:19

Engineering (mechanical and electronics). Third year Lancaster. Online only. Zoom meetings frequently with supervisor.

ErleighBird Tue 13-Apr-21 20:48:40


Which uni is that?

I don't really want to say had my fingers burnt mentioning universities in the past, there's some awful snobbery sometimes here...

GreenChips Tue 13-Apr-21 20:51:41

@mumsiedarlingrevolta you are right about the strikes. I'd forgotten about them with everything else that's happened. Just checked with her there and she says she hasn't really had proper teaching face to face since early feb last year.

RampantIvy Tue 13-Apr-21 20:55:22

Fortunately DD wasn't affected at all by the strikes.

Delphigirl Tue 13-Apr-21 20:55:25

1st year politics Brum face to face seminars until Nov lockdown, since then online but pretty good quality. Lectures recorded, seminars live

Xenia Tue 13-Apr-21 21:01:51

Zero (post grad law conversion). Course ended today (it is just under one year) with the last exam. £7k+ rent to live in a place where not a single element related to that physical place.

It is not so bad for people at this stage "4th year" as they are not freshers and already have friends but I hope the next law course my twins do in September has some face to face not least because I would quite like a time when everyone is not in the house 24/7.

Newgirls Tue 13-Apr-21 21:46:08

First year bio and Chem.

Zero face to face.

ListeningQuietly Tue 13-Apr-21 21:49:25

Since September 2020
1 hour a week of F2F in winter term
has not been back to campus in 2021

no idea if there will be a refund for hall fees of accommodation not used

FinallyMrsE Tue 13-Apr-21 21:52:00

Leeds Beckett, HR management 2nd years and no f2f since last March

unfortunateevents Tue 13-Apr-21 21:53:20

DS - 1st year child nursing, Manchester
ONE DAY in uni since he started last September - for a practical course in healthcare, this is not just a shocking lack of f2f but quite worrying for the patients whom they were looking after on placement in February. DS learned far more about care from a year's work as a care assistant in his gap year.

Sushiqueen Wed 14-Apr-21 09:12:18

Leeds Beckett -Primary Education 1st year. No f2f at all though some did do the first placement in Oct. Will remain f2f for rest of the academic year. Next placement to be done in home area.

aibutohavethisusername Wed 14-Apr-21 09:58:07

F2F one session. First year History student.

KingscoteStaff Wed 14-Apr-21 11:01:11

First Year Humanities.

2 seminars in October, then 5 weeks of back to back isolation, then home. Nothing F2F since - not even virtual, as their software crashes if they turn their cameras on.

He does not know a single person on his course.

IsurviveonCoffeeandWinein2021 Wed 14-Apr-21 11:04:49

UWS in Scotland. STEM course. 0 f2f. With no mention of starting again.

aibutohavethisusername Wed 14-Apr-21 11:41:44

KingscoteStaff Which Uni? DD knows nobody on her course.

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