Applying for finance - parent detail question

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nameychange Tue 06-Apr-21 17:21:03

Applying for DDs student finance and trying to log in as her parent to do my bit but it’s asks

Have you ever applied for student finance before?
Let us know if you've ever applied for student finance from the UK Government. It doesn't matter how long ago you applied, if it was online or using a paper form, or if you applied to us or your local authority.

I had a loan back in 1996 which came via the student loans company which I assume isn’t the government but I’m not totally sure. So not sure what i say to this question.

Is I select yes then the system can’t find me and directs me to a phone line which just rings out due to high call volume!

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aibutohavethisusername Tue 06-Apr-21 17:40:35

You answer yes. Make sure you check in your previous surname if you’ve changed it.

Soontobe60 Tue 06-Apr-21 17:44:57

Is it not meaning your DD?

CottonBudd Tue 06-Apr-21 17:48:43

Yes, I had an issue with this as like you I had a very early loan, one of the first years they were available, which they couldn't find. I can't remember the outcome but know I had to phone them to sort it out.

RandomMess Tue 06-Apr-21 17:54:47

Why do they want to know if a parent had a student loan shockconfused

ItWasntMyFault Tue 06-Apr-21 17:59:43

Are you sure you're not trying to complete it as a student rather than a parent?
I think you've clicked on the wrong bit.

titchy Tue 06-Apr-21 18:01:50


Why do they want to know if a parent had a student loan shockconfused

Because they take your repayments into account when they calculate how much your offspring gets.


littlewhitestar Tue 06-Apr-21 18:04:55

You have to call them. They use your original loan ID (even if you had loan long before they went online and have paid it off) as the log in for your account (you have your own account for uploading financial details etc).

Student loans first started the year I went university. It was tiny (no tuition fees) so I was lucky to be able to pay it off in a couple of years. TBH, I was a bit hmm that they had kept all my details and records when the account had been closed for decades.

nameychange Tue 06-Apr-21 18:12:20

Thanks all. Will keep trying on the phone as can’t log in at all with either surname ive used.

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RandomMess Tue 06-Apr-21 18:20:38

Bloody hell! Mine has been written off but shall hang onto the paperwork in readiness!

KatySun Tue 06-Apr-21 20:48:46

I never had one - does this make a difference?

littlewhitestar Tue 06-Apr-21 21:35:38

No @KatySun. It makes it easier! When you do the set up, it will create a new ID number and student loan account for uploading forms/tax returns/payslips etc if you have never had an account before (either as a student or parent supporting a loan). It's only people who have had a loan that have to use their old ID.

KatySun Wed 07-Apr-21 19:08:58

Thanks, that is really helpful.

RainBow725 Wed 07-Apr-21 19:24:12

I had the same thing. I did manage to get through on the phone but didn't pass security because I paid off my student load decades ago and surprise, surprise, I have moved several times since then and don't have the same email address. I've had to write a letter to get my details reset. Apparently a letter has some magic data protection waiver...

nameychange Wed 07-Apr-21 19:38:23

Thanks rainbow. I have the day off tomorrow so will try and contact them. I paid mine off around the time I had the child I’m now applying for uni finance for so 18isg years ago!

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Viciouslybashed Wed 07-Apr-21 20:58:31

Ah, was going to click on my link to start the process. Will I need to click yes even if it was written off. Seems very irritating as I don't think I know my account details. Will have a rummage of old paperwork.

littlewhitestar Wed 07-Apr-21 21:11:03

You still need to click yes @Viciouslybashed.

I think, if you had an online account and still have the same email address, there is a way to do it even if you don't have the log in details/loan ID, like a password reset IYSWIM.

If you had a loan before they went online and don't have the loan ID, you have to call them.

Bayleaf25 Sat 10-Apr-21 16:32:17

They still couldn’t find mine or husbands details when I phoned, they asked if I knew my customer number (from almost 30 years ago grin) or the email address that was used for the account (didn’t have email when I went to uni). All very bizarre, we’ve had to fill out a hard copy form and post it in.
I’m hoping they can reset our account so we don’t have to do it manually every year.

nameychange Sat 10-Apr-21 20:53:35

I spent over 30mins on hold but couldn’t get to speak to a person. What I want to work out is if we don’t give our financial details will DD still get the basic maintenance loan?

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Oddbutnotodd Sat 10-Apr-21 21:02:14

If you don’t give any financial details your daughter will still get the basic loan

nameychange Sat 10-Apr-21 21:32:53

Ah that’s useful to know, based on our salaries she’ll only get the basic loan I think so maybe it’s just not worth the hassle?

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MarchingFrogs Sun 11-Apr-21 00:40:17

Ah that’s useful to know, based on our salaries she’ll only get the basic loan I think so maybe it’s just not worth the hassle?

Correct. All that will happen is that the means-testing process will be gone through and the answer will be what you all worked it out to be in the first place.

DS1 and DD were both warned by me they were only entitled to the minimum loan. DS1 didn't tick the 'assess me for as much as I can get' box and got minimum loan. DD forgot, ticked box. We got emails, I asked student finance if we needed to go through the process, got the response that if we did nothing, after a couple of weeks, DD would just be awarded the minimum anyway. Which she was.

nameychange Sun 11-Apr-21 07:22:15

Thanks marchingfrog - I’ll see if she can go back and change it, and not worry too much if she’s going to get the minimum amount anyway

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MarchingFrogs Sun 11-Apr-21 07:47:44

She doesn't need to change anything - you can just not do your bit, if you have already worked out from the calculator that it won't affect the amount she will be able to borrow.

Piggywaspushed Sun 11-Apr-21 10:26:00

The SLC thing is a nightmare! DH went part time and suddenly we had to estimate earnings and provide lots of paperwork and evidence - and it's all looked at retrospectively so we could only provide evidence of full time salary.

In the end it was too tortuous and we just gave up. It would have made about £200 difference I think.

We technically also were supposed to declare what his younger brother had in a savings account. I didn't like that : it suggested somewhat that money was household income and could or even should be used to bail out his brother.

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