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howsicklyarsekissy Mon 05-Apr-21 21:02:40

Hi I am trying to work out if I can afford to study to become a social worker. I am currently a single mum to a disabled 13 year old. How much would I get to live on a month approximately. Would I keep my tax credits? I am really confused with the finance side if it & want to better myself if I can afford to.

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SometimesRavenSometimesParrot Tue 06-Apr-21 00:27:54

You’d be eligible for a maintenance loan, childcare grant and parents learning allowance. You can see the amounts on the Gov website.

You’d also likely receive some additional bursaries from your university, the information on those is available on the university website.

Your tax credits would be impacted. Read more here:

Student maintenance loan is paid three times a year (and not the same amount each time), so you don’t have a ‘monthly’ amount so to speak.

If you have a university you’re considering, try to make an appointment with their finance team - they can give you really specific support.

NoNotHimTheOtherOne Tue 06-Apr-21 05:31:55

You may also be eligible for an NHS bursary:

Bear in mind that you will have to undertake placements, so you'll have to travel to a workplace rather than the university some of the time and will have longer working days.

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