Is anyone sending their child back to Uni?

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andannabegins Mon 22-Feb-21 19:28:11

Just that really. I have a DD in her first year. She is desperate to go back to Uni, we want her to go back and her life back a little. Is anyone just letting their child go even though they aren't doing a 'practical' course?

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CookEatRepeat Mon 22-Feb-21 19:30:34

DD2 is still at home for various reasons, but she is the only one in her uni flat of 7 who is still at home, all the others have returned now apart from her. Three of them are on courses that need them there though (medicine, nursing).

DD1 has been told to stay at home because there will be no more F2F teaching this year regardless of what the govt says.

CheeseAndBaconOatcake Mon 22-Feb-21 19:32:34

Mine we t last week as did many of her friends.

CheeseAndBaconOatcake Mon 22-Feb-21 19:32:48


Sittinbythetree Mon 22-Feb-21 19:35:24

If your child is at uni isn’t it up to them if they go or not?

RainingBatsAndFrogs Mon 22-Feb-21 19:36:56

Mine went, no sending involved. They are over 18, they have paid a ton of cash for accommodation, they went.

Students are being trashed by this gvt.

MrBullinaChinaShop Mon 22-Feb-21 19:37:17

Uni students are adults and therefore it’s their decision as to whether they return or not.


SeasonFinale Mon 22-Feb-21 19:38:55

Quite a few went just after Christmas and have been living in their households anyway, and then accessing online lectures and learning but living in their student households. Anyway DD is an adult so surely it won't be a case of "letting her" but her deciding what she wants to do?

CheeseAndBaconOatcake Mon 22-Feb-21 19:40:39


If your child is at uni isn’t it up to them if they go or not?

@Sittinbythetree yes it is, my adult child left here and went back. I did support him though.

andannabegins Mon 22-Feb-21 19:41:13

No I agree it is completely up to her but as she is at Uni 3 hours away we will be driving her there. She is in a flat with 7 others so I worry she will be alone in the flat if she goes but at least we are here (if she ever wants to leave her room!). I am happy to take her as long as there are not repercussions from the Uni if she returns which is why I was wondering what others are doing

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CheeseAndBaconOatcake Mon 22-Feb-21 19:41:16

And her - got two of them, both back now.

LindaEllen Mon 22-Feb-21 19:43:14

Your 'child' is not a 'child' if they are old enough to be at university. Therefore, you cannot 'send them' or 'let them'.

It's up to them to make a sensible choice, and up to you to support that choice.

lambo88 Mon 22-Feb-21 19:44:03

My cousin is in his first year of uni and he went back to Manchester last week...he's had enough of living back home and couldn't wait to go back xx

andannabegins Mon 22-Feb-21 19:44:11

@LindaEllen like I said, yes it is her choice but as I am the driver of the 6 hour round trip I can also be involved in the decision!

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MrBullinaChinaShop Mon 22-Feb-21 19:44:15

Surely there can’t be any repercussions from the uni? If she’s paying for accommodation then she’s entitled to use it.

andannabegins Mon 22-Feb-21 19:45:39

Yes she is paying for her accommodation, I guess I just wanted someone to say that it's ok, you all have so there is my answer. If she wants to go I will take her whenever she is ready

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Letseatgrandma Mon 22-Feb-21 19:46:39

Mine went back in January-so did all their friends.

NaturalBlondeYeahRight Mon 22-Feb-21 19:48:57

Yep, both of mine went back weeks ago. Just doing fun stuff with flatmates alongside online leaning better than being stuck here! No issues going back.

ParisWasWonderful Mon 22-Feb-21 19:49:53

My son went back after Christmas and before travel restrictions set in (Scotland). His course isn’t practical- but his wifi is a lot better there and he’s with friends. He’s 19 - his decision. He is being sensible. We told him there’s no coming home once he was in his Uni city.

I had two friends who thought it was dreadful to let him go back - I think it would be worse to make him stay home against his will. I couldn’t be bothered with the resulting moodiness - and now he misses home and wants to come home at Easter. Those friends made the decision that their young adult should stay at home, rather than the young person deciding.

The two friends have subsequently taken their children back - once lockdown was well underway. I disagree with that, but their business.

Really depends where you think your child will cope best. I think students have been very badly treated in this pandemic.

It really annoyed me that adults were allowed to travel the country over Christmas and yet students are told where they can and cannot live.

corlan Mon 22-Feb-21 19:51:50

Mine went back a couple of weeks ago. She says she gets a better breakfast there!

Chunkymenrock Mon 22-Feb-21 19:51:57

My daughter went back in January. It was best all round. She's the only one in her flat back, but is fine.

BigSandyBalls2015 Mon 22-Feb-21 19:53:25

DD going back in a few days. Better she’s with friends than stuck at home even though there’s no f2f lectures. Such a shame for all these students, it’s really not the experience they signed up for. DD is a very laid back resilient type but she’s had a few angry outbursts recently.

Cleebope2 Mon 22-Feb-21 19:53:27

Of course it’s ok. Just make sure there will be others in the flat so she’s not alone . Mine went ten days ago and some in her flat went back right after Christmas. They need to carry on with their life even in a limited Way.

titchy Mon 22-Feb-21 20:08:13

I think most have gone back by now tbh. Its allowable under the rules and unis are happy to have them back.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 22-Feb-21 20:36:50

dd can't go back because her cambridge college won't let them back in, even if they have strong extenuating circumstances. It feels incredibly unfair. How can they be in a position where they can know when they can go to nightclubs, but not go back to university. She desperately needs to go back.

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