Anyone with DC waiting to hear back from LSE?

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quest1on Mon 18-Jan-21 10:47:18

Hi, just wondering if anyone has DC who have heard anything from LSE (undergrad 2021)?

It says on the website that they aim to reply within 12 weeks of receiving the application, but this doesn’t seem to be the case this year? DS applied in late September.

I wonder if they’re waiting for the outcome of this GW consultation?

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Needmoresleep Mon 18-Jan-21 12:01:33

This comes up every year, and not just LSE but Durham, some courses at Warwick, UCL etc.

They use a gathered field approach for over subscribed courses. Very strong applicants will be accepted quickly and weak ones rejected early. They hold onto the rest until the application deadline of mid-January, not least because they are legally required to give equal consideration to on-time applicants. Then they slowly whittle down the field accepting some and rejecting others as people either accept or reject them and they have a better handle on numbers.

There will will quite a lot on The Student Room as to how things are progressing.

A few years back (seven...OMG) DS was still waiting for Warwick, LSE and UCL in March. Rejections from Warwick and UCL but, thank goodness, a place at LSE.

It was quite stressful, at a point when school friends were discussing accommodation and other plans. LSE don't interview so they rely on what they see on paper and some courses are very oversubscribed. The fact that your DS is still being considered means he is good enough.

Good luck.

quest1on Mon 18-Jan-21 12:31:20

Thanks Needmoresleep. The thing is, LSE have made no offers at all yet and I don’t know if they’ve rejected anyone either. Usually, if previous stats are anything to go by, they do make a first wave of offers in December?

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Needmoresleep Mon 18-Jan-21 13:09:59

The best place to get some idea is to look at the applicants thread on The Student Room. Each subject will be different. Looking at the number of applicants per place will give you some idea.

My personal guess is that numbers this year will be very hard to predict, so it might make sense for LSE to wait to see what comes in before the January cut off. Are overseas students still applying given Covid?Are EU students applying given Brexit, and what about UK applicants including deferrals?

titchy Mon 18-Jan-21 15:52:18

Don't forget thebJanuary deadline has been extended by two weeks so this delay, esp if they're operating on a gathered field basis.

quest1on Mon 18-Jan-21 16:14:40

Thanks yes, I think they’re probably waiting to find out if there will be any form of exams (aren’t we all) so they can adjust cover ratios for offers accordingly. Also UCAS is extended and international applications may be affected by Covid. Hard for the students waiting though.... for months on end....

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NotDonna Thu 21-Jan-21 17:45:14

No news is good news. LSE made some rejections a few weeks ago. So at least if you’ve not heard they’re still in with a chance.


nancypineapple Thu 21-Jan-21 17:51:46

My DS recieved an e mail earlier this week saying they were late with their offers this year. Hoping that means offers/rejections will be out by March by the latest and not the very last minute if the final day for offers! He is still waiting to hear from 3 -LSE, UCL and Warwick. I think both UCL and Warwick have sent out offers already for economics but are now waiting for the end of Jan to sort through their stash of thousands of applicants. I also wonder if they are waiting to hear what exactly is happening with exams.

MarchingFrogs Thu 21-Jan-21 20:30:16

saying they were late with their offers this year.

Last year, they went right up to the (extended) wire with some decisions; not wishing to dash hopes for March, but even if there are no more extensions this year, the deadline for the universities to respond to on-time applicants isn't until May 20th.

portico Wed 27-Jan-21 02:16:07

Waiting on LSE here. DS1 has offers for UCL and Brum. Still waiting on Warwick. If we’ve not heard by now with Warwick, I doubt he will get it now. Unclear on LSE - but god won’t it be expensive living in London 😩😩😩

MarchingFrogs Wed 27-Jan-21 07:14:42

Two years ago, DD got her offer from Warwick (for PAIS and French) on March 8th.

SeasonFinale Wed 27-Jan-21 09:21:39

This year is of course different in that exams are cancelled, the deadline is extended and presumably they are waiting to gauge international interest again bearing in mind LSE has a high proportion of international students compared to other unis.

So although they are usually late compared to many other unis I suspect they will be later still this year. There may be some movement as people start to firm Oxbridge offers.

quest1on Wed 27-Jan-21 09:41:34

DS had the delightful “you were pooled but rejected” email from Cambridge the other day. He has offers from UCL and Bath - both brilliant programmes with a year abroad, but very different student experiences. Waiting to hear from LSE and Durham.

Portico - yes the London accommodation does look expensive, but for LSE people seem to recommend one of the LSE halls (rather than the more swanky-looking intercollegiate ones) because they’re cheaper and more social. Where do you live now?

Apparently, LSE have released no undergrad offers yet but will do so from February.

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quest1on Wed 27-Jan-21 09:43:13

Season- yes they may well be waiting to gauge international interest too. I would imagine the second wave here has put many internationals off.

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Needmoresleep Wed 27-Jan-21 13:06:12

The LSE halls are most a bit run down, but well located. (They have some swankier ones which mainly appeal to overseas students and postgrads.) The intercollegiate halls in Cartwright Gardens were refurbished a couple of years ago so probably are swanky. My son was in International Hall which was very well located but intercollegiate with little atmosphere. LSE guarantee accommodation to all first years. A lot of social life happens on campus so hall, though good, are less important than some other places.

DS was lucky as some, then, second years invited him to take the soon to be empty room in their ex-council flat in Holborn. Many of his London friends move home after their first year, but we saw advantage in him sharing with third years. It was not more expensive than DD in Bristol. However Londoners make sacrifices on space. DS had a small room, and they used the living room as a bedroom. I don’t know what happens now selective HMO licensing has been introduced across much of London, as this would probably no longer be allowed adding to the cost. That said demand for rental property is expected to drop as more people work from home. It may not be too bad.

Good luck everyone. The wait was awful. DS only got one of Cambridge/UCL/Warwick/LSE, but another boy in his year got none. He reapplied and was offered a place at Cambridge, though with another rejection from LSE. They will have a lot of good applicants, and on the margin, decisions are very fine.

CaliFrag Thu 28-Jan-21 22:55:45

He reapplied and was offered a place at Cambridge

Aw it all came good then, well done to him!!

Needmoresleep Fri 29-Jan-21 13:21:42

It was DS' classmate. Just an illustration of how fine the margins between acceptance and rejection are.

DS received an Oxford offer for a Masters, though chose to stay on at LSE. Some of these courses are very very competitive. Anyone who is still being considered will be very good.

Fingers crossed for everyone.

CaliFrag Fri 29-Jan-21 18:41:16

Don’t worry I know it was the classmate lol, just saying he did well to get Cambridge after all.

Cant remember what thread it was on but someone was saying if you don’t get into Oxbridge as an undergraduate, get a first elsewhere then apply for masters or other type of post grad ‘cos it’s much easier to get in at that stage. Even though he didn’t go there, great to see your son proved that strategy works!!

Tiredasf Mon 08-Mar-21 23:57:36

Wondering if any one has heard from LSE since this was last posted, it all seems v quiet! Student room seems to reflect this too. Dd now starting to worry , she has decided if she doesn’t receive an offer she will take a year out and reapply. Can’t say I relish the thought of the oxbridge circus againconfused

chopc Tue 09-Mar-21 07:19:17

Nope still waiting to hear and don't know anyone who has received an offer

fiveoldteddies Tue 09-Mar-21 07:25:42

and waiting from LSE and 2nd choice uni....

Tiredasf Tue 09-Mar-21 08:27:00

Thanks! Hopefully it’s not too much longer to wait. I think Dd just wants to know either way at this point. She’s received her other choices, except Ox.

MarchingFrogs Wed 10-Mar-21 00:48:10

The official LSE rep on TSR insists that offers, as well as rejections, are currently being made by departments, but is unwilling or unable to say exactly which.
As an alumna, I am rather saddened by the somewhat unfriendly tone of the 'official' posts; they really feel quite different from the usual university rep posts from other institutions, e.g. the AT from Peterhouse Cambridge, the Exeter rep etc.

chopc Wed 10-Mar-21 10:15:36

@MarchingFrogs I personally don't think TSR rep is real

chopc Wed 10-Mar-21 10:15:49

From LSE

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