Starting a degree at 40

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Luaanna Wed 11-Nov-20 20:47:02

Hello everyone. I just wanted to get some opinions on completely changing my career, which would mean doing another degree.

I did my first degree (Business and IT) after being pushed into it by my dad. It wasn’t what I wanted but he guilt tripped me and refused to pay for the degree I actually wanted to do, forensic psychology. I did well, got a desk job in IT and plodded along until my 30’s, when I had dd. 10 years, and 3 dc later, I’m in a position to go back to work and the thought of going back to my IT job is filling me with dread. I want to go back to uni and do the degree I always wanted, in something that has interested me since I was a child. Am I crazy? Dh and I have discussed it and he supports me 100%. It will be tight, financially, but manageable. It will most probably have to be part time study as I will have to get a part time job and will have to factor in school pick up and drop off. I think 5 years in total.

Has anyone done this and does anyone know if doing a forensic psychology degree and then finding a job in my mid 40s is even possible?

Thanks everyone.

Oh, course will start in Feb ‘21 if I go ahead with it

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Embracelife Wed 11-Nov-20 22:52:08

Why not?
Go for it

titchy Wed 11-Nov-20 23:00:02

Why not do a Psychology Masters conversion course? Cheaper shorter and you'll be able to fund using a loan. (Although an undergraduate in STEM, which includes Psychology is also loan eligible if you're part time.)

dooratheexplorer Wed 11-Nov-20 23:06:26

Do you have an overall plan or do you just want to study this particular degree?

DominaShantotto Thu 12-Nov-20 09:10:54

If you have a clear plan - go for it! I'm doing similar at a similar age - and I really don't regret making the jump at all (although online learning is shit).

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