UCAS application on hold

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MoseShrute Sat 17-Oct-20 11:25:06

So ds put in his ucas form.last week. He has just received an email from Bristol.saying they have received his application and its on hold due to large number of high quality applications for his subject, and they will get back to him. Some of his mates at school have already received offers from bristol (different subjects though). Has anyone come across this before? Is this a polite way of them rejecting him?

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Middersweekly Sat 17-Oct-20 11:59:24

Might be worth your DS calling and finding out what they mean by his application being on hold. Is the subject he wants to study quite oversubscribed? DD has also applied to Bristol this week. Not heard anything yet but needs to sit a further course related exam before they’ll even start looking at applications.

MoseShrute Sat 17-Oct-20 13:00:05

Its computer science so quite popular l think. I never came across this when older ds was apolying

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MoseShrute Sat 17-Oct-20 13:00:31


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burnoutbabe Sat 17-Oct-20 13:03:01

Won't they just wait until January 16th or so to assess then all together? If it's a popular course.

LIZS Sat 17-Oct-20 13:35:17

They have until end March/April to make offers. They also realise that for many applying early they may not be first choice ie. Medicine or Oxbridge.

AChickenCalledDaal Sat 17-Oct-20 14:16:43

No, it's a polite way of acknowledging that they've had the application, but warning him to be patient because his course isn't making early offers.

We had the same issue last year. DD had three offers before the end of October, then one in mid January and another in early February. She's currently studying very happily at the university who made the final offer, which was a very attractive offer indeed and significantly below their standard grade requirements. So it was worth the wait! smile.


Tenpastseven Sun 18-Oct-20 10:53:04

Just to say that DS got an ‘on hold’ email last week, on Weds or Thursday I think, and by Saturday had an offer.

When I was fretting, another poster very helpfully reminded me that no one gets a prize for all 5 offers before Xmas which I found reassuring.

BlackPuddingEggs Mon 19-Oct-20 09:31:11

Bristol did this a couple of years ago for engineering as well. It genuinely did mean they were just having so many applications to process. Some students still got early offers, but most had to wait a while.

Middersweekly Mon 19-Oct-20 10:04:40

That’s good to know that is doesn’t mean anything aside from a heavy number of applications for quite a popular course. I believe there are 2 swathes of applications for them to deal with the first come in October for those applying by 15th and then January. I think majority of October applications are dealt with by February and the January ones are usually dealt with by April/May.

motherofhares Tue 16-Feb-21 20:15:15

My DS is also still ‘on hold’ for Bristol - his UCAS app went off in early October. It’s now his first choice as he didn’t get into Oxford and is very frustrated with the waiting!

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