Studying as a parent- scared I'll fail my last year

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DollhouseBurglar Sun 18-Oct-20 10:14:48

Thanks for the replies.

I do need to get a bit more organised. I've found that my motivation dwindles a bit though when I spend hours studying.

I also work 1 day a week- cant give it up, need the money.

If some of you got 60%+ above in your second year then you're at an advantage really.

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MadamMaltesers Sat 17-Oct-20 14:55:38

Thanks for the tips Hedda, just need to get started now.

HeddaGarbled Sat 17-Oct-20 09:38:31

Tip for active reading:

Use a highlighter to mark important points as you read. Don’t highlight too much! When you’ve finished the chapter or section, go back and make bullet point or mind map notes from the bits you highlighted (include the reference somewhere on your page of notes). Hey presto - assignment/revision notes.

HeddaGarbled Sat 17-Oct-20 09:32:03

You’ve got approx 6 straight hours 4 days a week. You need to timetable this ruthlessly e.g. 2 hours for household jobs and the other 4 for studying. Stick to it. For assignment deadlines, you can put in a couple of extra hours some evenings too. Let the housework and cooking slide, not the studying.

iloveredwine Sat 17-Oct-20 09:23:07

I'm in my final year as well and nothing seems to be sinking in with me as its all reading and very boring reading.

MadamMaltesers Sat 17-Oct-20 09:21:36

Dollhouse, I’m in the exact same position. I have assignments coming out of my ears already. Im at the point of just wanting to pass my degree now. At the start of second year I was aiming for a 1st or 2:1 now I’m lucky if I get through the year.

DominaShantotto Fri 16-Oct-20 20:12:16

I've just started second year but it's a really full-on course (we'd normally have a 9-5 timetable every day on campus and then a day a week of placement as well) - and it's been fucking gruelling with Covid, DH working from home, lectures going online and the kids' after school club going kaput cos of all of the above.

So far I've coped by just running to get as far ahead as I can to allow for slippage when it all goes to shit and school covid bubbles pop... and then having the kids go stay at my mum's over half term (I could use the break as well and she's not seen them for ages so not quite as heartless as it sounds). Mine are a little bit older as well and are starting to master the concept of sorting things out a bit when they come in from school (ish - one is as dyspraxic as they come so you're likely to find her stood watching telly with her pants on her head when you ask her to go find her reading book).

I got firsts last year but there's no way I think I'll pull that off under the current circumstances this year. More than anything else -reading constant e-book stuff as I'm not on campus is fucking with my dyslexia big big time!


DollhouseBurglar Fri 16-Oct-20 05:18:56

Just started my 3rd year and need to do well- got 54% last year sad.

DD is in primary school from 9-3:15 Monday to Friday.

I always try to read ahead but I'm already falling behind as I've also got housework, laundry and cooking to do and I go out to work 1 day a week. Plus DD has homework in reception and I'm her playmate afterschool. Its exhausting!

Any student parents around? How do you manage with children?

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