DS not had student loan payment

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bigbluebus Mon 12-Oct-20 11:16:50

Message from DS yesterday - casual chat - in which he mentioned he had been chasing SFE as he hasn't had his 1st instalment of his Post Grad loan. SFE say they haven't had confirmation from his Uni that he has registered for the course. The Uni have confirmed to DS twice now that they have confirmed his registration. His rent is due tomorrow - it's £1200. He wasn't able to work over the summer as he couldn't get a job due to Covid so has minimal funds (enough for daily living but not rent). His course fees are also due to the Uni - he has to pay those direct I think. He's going to ring SFE again today (postgrad dept isn't open at weekends according to DS). I'm not confident that even if he gets anywhere with SFE today that he will have the money in time to pay his rent. His overdraft won't cover it. What on Earth do they expect students to do when these departments are so inefficient?

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AlexaShutUp Mon 12-Oct-20 11:18:53

Tell him to contact the advice team, which will probably be in the Students union or possibly in Student Services. They will be really experienced at helping to sort this kind of problem out.

AlexaShutUp Mon 12-Oct-20 11:19:30

They will also be able to help him access any emergency hardship funds if he needs them.

bigbluebus Mon 12-Oct-20 11:35:19

Thanks AlexaShutUp I'd forgotten about the SU. I think he did get advice from them once when the accommodation agency were trying to pull a fast one but I think that was led by his then girlfriend (who is no longer on the scene!) I tend to let DS get on with these things himself but the consequence of that is he comes to me at the 11 hour with the problem and expects me to sort it. He has a diagnosis of ASD so whilst I try to take a hands off approach (having trained him fairly well, I hope) he does stress when things aren't sorted as he would expect.

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