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Mummykins54 Sun 04-Oct-20 14:17:50


DD is currently preparing her personal statement for medical degree and is struggling to pit this together.

Any hints/tips from anyone who has been there would be much appreciated.


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SentientAndCognisant Sun 04-Oct-20 16:26:04

I know it is really obvious but
Be explicit why she wants to train. What draws her to medicine? What experiences or insights will she bring

Acknowledge the +ve The career path,the privilege of working with people, the breadth and depth of training

Acknowledge the demands and managing them. Medicine is a full schedule and will emotionally and academically stretch her. Talk about how she manages stress and is resilient. Show she’s balanced and it’s not all studying. If her hobbies are Netflix and seeing mates, say that. it demonstrates she’s rounded , has external interests and can seek a distraction

Demonstrate an understanding of working with other HCP and how it is collaborative teamwork in NHS.

Explicitly discuss What she has to offer, eg enthusiasm,sensitivity etc
Show an understanding of the course and the commitment it requires eg academic & personal.

Discuss The desire to change and grow personally whilst studying

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