How much in each instalment of basic maintenance loan?

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ThingDoer Sat 22-Aug-20 20:09:40

Hello, I know my dd could log into SFE website for this but we're away from home and no signal on teen phones (I know!). Can anyone tell me how much she will get in each instalment of basic level maintenance loan, please. That's the £4289 one (or very close to that! From memory). I gather she'll get it first day of term (is that fresher's week or the real first day?) then Jan and April? She is English resident hence SFE.

Thank you!

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MarchingFrogs Sat 22-Aug-20 23:18:08

Instalments 1 and 2 just under a third each and instalment 3 just over, iirc. I haven't seen DD's schedule, or DS1's before her, but the third instalment is the highest, as it is meant to go towards the rental of the next year's accommodation etc. In the final year, though, the third instalment I's the smallest one.

242Mummy Sun 23-Aug-20 07:39:36

Just had a look at DS1's paperwork and it's £1415, £1415, £1458.

DominaShantotto Sun 23-Aug-20 09:04:45

From last year it didn't quite come in fresher's week - it came in about a week or so into term from what I recall and they text you the day it's going in. Just to remember to budget a bit for a week or two before it hits the account.

Liverpoolarefab Sun 23-Aug-20 09:11:40

Sorry if anyone doesn't mind me asking, but how much do you top up on the loan for living expenses ? Dd is applying for uni to start next year and I'm trying to get my head round how much money I will need to give her. Thanks ,

ThingDoer Sun 23-Aug-20 09:36:57

Thanks all! Was wanting to plan how we add our contribution so that's really helpful.

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MarchingFrogs Sun 23-Aug-20 09:49:23

@Liverpoolarefab, there is a whole ongoing thread on the subject here:

But essentially, the assumption is that one would top up to the level of the maximum loan for where the student is studying, e.g. living away from home, studying outside London, the maximum loan available to those whose household income is below the contribution threshold is £9203 for the coming year.


Liverpoolarefab Sun 23-Aug-20 10:22:39

@MarchingFrogs thanks that's really useful !

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