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shadypines Tue 18-Aug-20 20:02:25

Hi, DD has been offered £4289 for maintenance and we are wondering if it is possible to appy for more? When she applied she says she was not asked any questions about parental income, I realise I should have overseen her application more to be aware of the amounts on offer and how to apply for more but you live and will be grateful for any answers/advice.

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BuzzFeed773 Tue 18-Aug-20 20:08:04

That is the amount you get if your household income is above the cut-off point, ie the minimum loan for any student. If your household income is above about 60k(?) that's the most your child can borrow. You don't have to fill in actual earnings if that's all you are applying for.

If household income is lower, you have to fill in the details on the Student Finance website, and it calculates how much you can borrow.

orangenasturtium Tue 18-Aug-20 21:51:16

When you apply for the student maintenance loan, it tells you that "you are eligible for £4289 but you might be eligible for an additional loan, depending on your parents' income" or words to that effect. It then says something like, "Do you wish to apply for an additional loan?" and you have to tick yes or no. She would then have to fill in a form with your details, if she ticked yes. They then contact you and ask you to provide your financial details. I don't think they ask the student any questions about your income. You also need to set up your own student loan account to be able to support the application, if you don't have one already from when you were at university.

I'm guessing your DD didn't tick that box? Although one year slc didn't send me the automated email asking for my financial details even though DS had ticked the box because of a technical glitch. If she logs on to her account, she can see if they sent the email to you about providing financial details. It will be under letters and emails.

You can check how much your DD might get using this calculator:

shadypines Wed 19-Aug-20 15:27:53

Many thanks for your replies, this has been very helpful....DD is having a busy afternoon into SFE ..this will help teach her to read things more thoroughly!

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MarchingFrogs Wed 19-Aug-20 19:02:32

We had the opposite (possible, but turned out not) problem when DD applied last year. Having been told by me that we already knew that there was no point in her applying for anything more than the minimum loan, she promptly forgot, ticked the box anyway and passed on our email addresses. Which, of course prompts sfe to send the Hi, apparently you are supporting X's application for funding, so please get stuck in email. Really not fancying going through the process, only for sfe to tell DD what I had told her already, I contacted them and the message back was that if we did nothing, after a couple of weeks or so she would just get the award notification that she would have got if she hadn't ticked the box in the first place.

(And yes, since our financial position is the reason why sfe won't let her borrow more money, we do support her financially to the maximum loan levelsmile).

shadypines Thu 20-Aug-20 14:28:33

grin @MarchingFrogs, oh my word..tick boxes eh, so confusing, just going into the link now and bracing myself wink

Thank you again.

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MarchingFrogs Thu 20-Aug-20 16:33:03

Thank you again


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