OU Study 2020 (BA hons Education Studies)

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SunsetOnTheHorizon Mon 17-Aug-20 14:24:35

As the title suggests, I am contemplating on enrolling on the degree mentioned above. Bit of background, I am a Sahm (8years) of 4 kiddos, youngest being 3 and have always wanted to undergo degree level study but due to so many setbacks I have never completed.

A few years ago, I began my studies but had to bail after 6 months as my youngest was so demanding, and I felt I wasnt supported as much.

Fast forward 3 years and now my partner is happy for me to enrol (previously it was mostly me pushing it) and my youngest will began Nursery. And I really want to apply before the October 2020 deadline.

My main goal would be to qualify as a teacher as tbh that was my childhood dream, and I don't want to live with regrets and what ifs. Eventually, I'd love to do something along the lines of maybe opening my own Tuition centre or if I go down the Early Years route then perhaps open my own Nursery. Another dream would be to migrate at some point and work overseas as a Teacher in warmer climates. I've never disclosed this to anyone as it sounds outrageous, but it's time I address my goals in life.

There's no burning desire for me to start work because my partner is the main breadwinner and that's how it's always been. Ovbiously, if a suitable job arises and if circumstances allow, I would happily join the working world.

Obviously, life is crazy busy anyway and adding studies into the mix is a asking fir trouble, but I want to hear from anyone who has taken a similar path or anyone with some sound advice.


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SunsetOnTheHorizon Mon 17-Aug-20 14:47:41


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SunsetOnTheHorizon Mon 17-Aug-20 18:18:47

Is this thread visible to anyone?

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mangomama91 Mon 17-Aug-20 19:56:09

Hi, if you have facebook there is a group for ou students who wish to go on to do teacher training called OU future teachers uk.
I'm a lsa in a school and about to start my final year of childhood and youth studies (after previously completing my foundation degree else where) and my plan is to do my teacher training next year.

Z143 Tue 18-Aug-20 09:37:09


I'll be doing my final year this year with the OU, I've gained a diploma of higher education in education primary studies then for the final year I have switched to a Open degree as I felt the last modules weren't very relevant to teaching (comparing teaching around the world) so I'm doing a module on young people and families and how to support them.

Doing two modules (full time) and working part time could be hard going - especially when essays are due near each other and the further into the course you get the more time demanding it can be but if you can be disciplined with your time you'll do well and it is possible.

I did year 1 & 2 full time then I've gone part time with year 3.

Happy to chat if you need anything! 😁

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