Completing first year of BA (Hons) before withdrawing from uni?

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Ohnonononononono Fri 14-Aug-20 15:19:49

I'm after some advice please. In the late 90s, I started a joint honours degree; I finished the first year but dropped out in the second.
Somebody has suggested I should still have some kind of qualification from having passed the first year - is this right? Would I still be able to ask the university for this even though it was about twenty years ago?


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Pinkflipflop85 Fri 14-Aug-20 15:23:03

I could be completely wrong and am happy to be corrected, but I always thought that the first year didn't really count towards anything.

Ohnonononononono Fri 14-Aug-20 15:26:02

Google suggests it might be a Certificate of Higher Education, but I'm not clear how recent a thing that is...

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SconesJamthenCream Fri 14-Aug-20 15:27:44

I had a certificate of HE after the first year of my degree that I started in 1990 so it is a valid thing. May be worth enquiring about.

Divoc2020 Fri 14-Aug-20 15:29:31

I think it depends on the university and the subject. The first year of uni is usually equivalent to a Level 4 Certificate of Higher Education:

There's certainly no harm in asking for a transcript.

Sometimes it can be transferred via credit transfer into another higher education institution which would exempt you from having to repeat that year if you went back to uni to finish a degree.
However, I think you may be past the limit for doing that. I think the Open University only allows credit transfer for studies completed within the last 16 years.

PastaAndPizzaPlease Fri 14-Aug-20 15:59:29

Will totally depend on the university and how they taught their course.

You should contact them to enquire but be prepared for them to say they’re not able to provide a certificate - in over twenty years things will have changed and they may not be able to offer that particular certification anymore or there may be a time limit to claim it. I know a friend dropped out and was told if she wanted to cash in for her first year she needed to do it within three years.

Ohnonononononono Fri 14-Aug-20 16:26:53

Thank you all - that's really useful. I'll ring them in a few weeks once the A-level chaos subsides and not raise my hopes too high smile

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