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powder28 Wed 03-Oct-07 09:39:32

Has anyone done a science degree and the residential schools with the OU? IS anyone in the middle of doing a degree with the OU?
I'm starting one in March and would really appreciate some feedback.

lailasmum Wed 03-Oct-07 09:44:29

I did part of a science degree. The courses are fantastic but I would say that there seems to be zero flexibility if due to unforeseen circumstances you can't hand in work on a certain date, I found there was more flexibility on my first degree in a bricks and mortar university so I would say you need to plan your time immaculately which is hard sometimes if you have small children.

sunnylabsmum Thu 04-Oct-07 06:51:53

I'm an OU tutor and happily give extensions to students if I am able to as I appreciate that they are trying to juggle lots of balls in the air and it isn't easy. One thing I would say is that the students who tend to pass my course are the ones that either attend the tutorials or keep in email contact. I wish you luck!

dayofftomorrow Thu 04-Oct-07 08:59:44

The residential schools are now separated from courses, have managed to do several science courses without any residentials. Much easier now you can simulate experiments online, also online discussion groups so you don't feel isolated

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