University 2020 :7: Results tombola, roll up, roll up, pick a prize!

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MillicentMartha Wed 12-Aug-20 08:30:33

Well, it’s been a crazy few days.

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Justyou Wed 12-Aug-20 08:39:43

I just wish it was tomorrow so we know what we are all dealing with

Peaseblossom22 Wed 12-Aug-20 08:44:27

Just marking my place 😊

aibutohavethisusername Wed 12-Aug-20 08:46:09

Place marking too.

seedybird Wed 12-Aug-20 08:50:09

Thanks for the new thread smile

wardah01 Wed 12-Aug-20 08:51:58

What are the preps for tomorrow? any sensible advice on how to deal with tomorrow? are you making pancakes smile

Ironoaks Wed 12-Aug-20 08:54:16

Thank you for the new thread. We've got champagne and cupcakes in preparation for tomorrow, but the way things are going, it's tempting to just have the celebration today, to decouple it from the results.


mumonthehill Wed 12-Aug-20 08:54:26

Currently cannot talk to ds about anything! So need this over now. Might offer pancakes!!!

DuckyMcDuck Wed 12-Aug-20 08:54:36

Thanks for the shiny new thread @MillicentMartha.

wardah01 Wed 12-Aug-20 08:59:46


Thank you for the new thread. We've got champagne and cupcakes in preparation for tomorrow, but the way things are going, it's tempting to just have the celebration today, to decouple it from the results.

Yes I am thinking some treats today will help and tomorrow we are keeping busy, she has work and has arranged to meet friends smile

DadDadDad Wed 12-Aug-20 08:59:56

Thanks, for the new thread. I think some on the last thread were worrying (hoping?) that this (2020 in general, and crazy announcements about exam grades in particular) is all a dream and we'll wake soon.

Perhaps it has? Perhaps if I say COVID-19 and CAGs you'll look at me blankly, and say "no, never heard of them. Our DC sat their A-levels in June and we're just waiting for the results". confused

Cafeconleche Wed 12-Aug-20 09:08:54

gingingin just marking my place. DS had a complete meltdown last night, is in no fit state to even think about October ‘resits’ after 6 months of no school work (they hadn’t even finished the syllabus in 2 subjects) and has no idea if his mocks were taken under exam conditions or which set of mocks they’d use - November, January?? His real mocks were scheduled for March 23rd but never happened (obviously). I cannot believe the government threw this panic-driven spanner in the works 36 hours before results day. My stress levels are through the roof. Where the hell does this leave universities? Are schools having to scramble around today for mock grades to send out with the A Level results tomorrow? Words fail me. An utter clusterfuck

Snozzlemaid Wed 12-Aug-20 09:17:57

Thanks for the new thread. May we all be able to log on tomorrow with positive news for our DCs.
We're in for a nerve wracking 24 hours.

Pepermintea Wed 12-Aug-20 09:24:44

We had electricians turn up at 8:30 am! I had completely forgotten that they were coming and wasn't dressed! They seem blissfully unaware of the whole A level results event!

Appuskidu Wed 12-Aug-20 09:27:40

I don’t even think my DS did mocks? Where does that leave us?!

suze28 Wed 12-Aug-20 09:37:38

DD has mocks in November which were in the gym under exam conditions so hers should be ok if she needs to appeal.

TheDrsDocMartens Wed 12-Aug-20 09:40:39

22h 20 mins to ucas updated.

NotEnoughTime Wed 12-Aug-20 09:57:27

It's all a bit of a joke except that it's not funny

I've just asked my DS about his mocks and he said they didn't go well at all. His school marked them harshly (no doubt to give them a metaphoric 'kick up the backside').

Life at home was really bad at that time too understatement so my DS's head was all over the place.

I feel so sorry for him and all our DC. It's been such a shitty year so far.

Bouledeneige Wed 12-Aug-20 09:59:34

Marking my place. Good thinking re pancakes. I've booked to go out for dinner tomorrow but not told DS - which I will quietly cancel if we are not in celebrating mood.

I have prepped the list of phone no's for firm and second choice and other potential places with lower entry requirements and places.

SeasonFinale Wed 12-Aug-20 10:02:35

Hello - I'll have an A* please Bob

Hoghgyni Wed 12-Aug-20 10:09:33

I did get two wins on the premium bonds this month. Is that it for luck now?

DadDadDad Wed 12-Aug-20 10:13:54

Comments from teachers are being quoted by the Guardian, and this struck me:

The most important thing to note is that we already factored in those inconsistencies with regards to mocks, and then used other data such as assessment, coursework (which otherwise would be completely ignored this year), AS outcomes and a comparison against historic data to give the centre assessed grade. The allocation of centre assessed grades took weeks of work

That's what so infuriating about the latest govt announcement. Teachers came up with CAGs using mock results if available, but adjusted to allow for all the other knowledge they had about students' performance. Now the government are saying "we're not going to give you your CAG (unlike Scotland) but you can have your mock whatever that is and regardless of the context". angry

thesunwillout Wed 12-Aug-20 10:21:34

Hello again

Gatekeeper Wed 12-Aug-20 10:24:34

Morning all

I am joining you on the seat...
Dd had meltdown last night and my stomach is in knots. I've had about 40 poos this morning and expect Ill have 40 more by Thursday. I feel bloody stressed and weepy with it all and dh hasn't a care in the word
Im going to get sloshed Thursday

mimbleandlittlemy Wed 12-Aug-20 10:25:11

Great new title, Millicent. I'll take one from the top layer and two from the second layer, none from any other selection, and hope there's a 0 or a 5 on the tickets.

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