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eatthatfrog Mon 29-Jun-20 10:03:04

DD Y12 is considering studying physiotherapy, she does not study biology but does chemistry and psychology. There are a number of places that she can still apply to but wondered if anyone's dc were all ready studying or applying. Also ,if anyone knew of the best places to study, she is interested in getting clinical experience from year1

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Stillabitemo Mon 29-Jun-20 14:11:08

As physiotherapy qualifies you for a job the course must meet certain requiremenrs and consequently won’t be THAT difference place to place compared to say, biology where one university may have a very different course from another. League table places for healthcare courses also don’t tend to matter as much although obviously do exist.

There are around 40 institutions offering physio therapy so if early clinical experience is important to her I’d suggest using UCAS to generate the list of physiotherapy courses available, then go through visiting each university website to create a shortlist of those which offer early clinical experience. Once she’s got the shortlist she can then start to think about location, campus vs city etc to eventually get to her 5 choices.

Keep an eye out for virtual open days so she can look at her options before autumn - some have already taken place but lots still ongoing.

Serin Mon 29-Jun-20 18:19:16

Great advice from Stillabitemo.
Im in a related field of therapies and would only add to that by saying that sometimes in the bigger university hospitals it is easier to get a job when qualified if you have impressed on placement because they have more vacancies becoming available.

damekindness Mon 29-Jun-20 20:30:36

One of the things that are slightly different in physiotherapy programmes is that some sit in health depts and others in sport science/rehab. Whilst physiotherapy is an externally regulated programme and has to meet national competencies - the content can be skewed slightly differently toward sports or health depending on where it sits in a particular university

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