Warwick University - Any insight, good or bad, tips, accomodation etc

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Baaaahhhhh Fri 26-Jun-20 11:29:56

Another thread for 2021 starters who can't go to open days. Looking to study history. Warwick obviously very much of a campus uni, but it might suit DD. Is there enough on campus to keep them entertained?

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Xenia Fri 26-Jun-20 12:02:57

I think so . My son's best friend from school is just finishing there and loved it. I think in year 2 and 3 he lived quite a bit far away - Leamington?

It is a very good place. It was on the lists for some (may be all?) of my 5 children although none went there. Someone whose child went there will probably be along soon to give better information.

MarchingFrogs Fri 26-Jun-20 21:11:16

Sports facilities/ gallery / Arts Centre (cinema etc)
Allotmentsmile www.warwicksu.com/societies-sports/societies/allotment/

DomDoesWotHeWants Fri 26-Jun-20 21:17:01

My alma mater and also where DS2 went.

Both of us loved it. Excellent reputation, plenty going on and decent living conditions.

PointeShoesandTutus Fri 26-Jun-20 21:17:18

I went there. Lots to do. Most people spend first year on campus - the union has big nights 2/3 times a week, and there’s lots of sports and societies to fill time. The Arts Centre has a lot to very good performances but I don’t think many students go a lot.

In second/third year most people live in Leamington, which has a good amount going on. The 2 night clubs had a student night (Tuesday/Thursday) and then a lot of people would head back to campus for the sports night on a Wednesday. Plus the usual pubs and bars. Leam is about 20-30 minutes from campus by bus.

From comparing with friends at other unis I think more house parties went on at Warwick as opposed to big club nights. Even the clubs there were weren’t big city style clubs. The good thing is you could go out alone/lose your friends and guarantee you would meet lots of people you knew. The bad side - exactly that! Not a place to avoid someone!

I think most people ended up in a friendship group with people from whatever sport/society they joined - So if she has an interest she’s bound to find like minded people.

ShanghaiDiva Fri 26-Jun-20 21:38:28

My ds has just completed year two at Warwick. Campus accommodation seems decently priced (starts at about £80 per week) and all self catering. Good bus service into Coventry, but lots of students live in leamington in year two, however it can be a real drag getting to and from the university at peak traffic times. The gym was renovated last year and is excellent. Good connections to London and Birmingham and also Birmingham airport. University has an excellent reputation.

MarchingFrogs Fri 26-Jun-20 22:59:19

Warwick has virtual open days coming up during the weeks of 6th and 13th July.


Baaaahhhhh Sat 27-Jun-20 12:16:18

MarchingFrogs So much going on at the moment, we lost track, but DD has just booked on to this. Thanks grin.

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Phphion Sat 27-Jun-20 15:01:03

You can also see previous open day talks on the University of Warwick youtube channel, as well as history students talking about their course and others about living on campus, etc. It's obviously a marketing exercise, but then so are open days.

MillicentMartha Sat 27-Jun-20 21:20:19

DS went to Warwick for maths, graduated last year. He lived in Coventry, Earlsdon in his second and third years, around 30% of the students do. It’s cheaper than Leam but is still a typical student area. He loved Warwick, made most of his friends through his big first year kitchen in halls and also through a political society, went on a few marches etc. His girlfriend he met there did history and despite ‘that’ chat group, found it friendly.

Ironoaks Sat 27-Jun-20 21:37:57

Following as DS has an insurance offer at Warwick.

BusyDreaming Sat 27-Jun-20 21:45:11

DS loved his Warwick University experience.
Detailed accommodation form matched him with students with similar interests for 1st year which made for an easier start.
A few of them were studying the same subject which also helped with settling in.

Great friendships made, accommodation in Leamington for 2nd and 3rd year which was decent and affordable.
Good bus service.

History dept is strong.
My DS had several inspiring lecturers and he mostly got his first choice of modules.
Good academic support and feedback.

The History Society has undergone some positive changes in the past couple of years.
Very sociable, lots of events and a couple of annual trips, one in the UK, the other abroad. Berlin and Prague recently.
Club nights on campus very popular.

Excellent sports facilities on campus and you don’t need to be an elite athlete to get involved.
Warwick Arts Centre slap bang in the middle of the campus.
If drama is your thing, there’s lots going on.
Band Soc is very active. Battle of the Bands, a highlight.

Hope that helps and good luck to your daughter.

Baaaahhhhh Mon 29-Jun-20 17:43:24

BusyDreaming Can you DM me with any thoughts you have about the (hopefully) new culture of the history dept. Your DS may have a view. In the back of my mind I do worry for DD from the past issues with the chat room rape scandal, and how the university handled it. I can see that last year the boys concerned, were allowed back, and then not, but nothing seems to have been reported since. Any insight would be really helpful.

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Poodlesssp Wed 29-Jul-20 17:19:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Poodlesssp Wed 29-Jul-20 18:16:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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