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jess3817 Thu 04-Jun-20 08:59:14

I was wondering if any nursing students out there please give me a insight to what the course is really like please? How much time is on clinch placement etc? How tough it is.

Thanks ☺

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Serin Sun 07-Jun-20 11:48:39

I'm the mother of 2 nursing students. One mental health and one adult nursing.
I'd say it very much depends on which uni you go to. They all tend to run things differently. Contact the courses you are interested in and ask if they will email you a detailed outline of the course. Ask when the placements will be and how far from home they are likely to send you.
You could ask how is the course examined? Are they expected to complete uni work when out on placement?
Both of my 2 are enjoying it. One has an arts degree already and does find nursing much more intense compared to that.

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