DS 2nd Year architecture- struggling to understand feedback

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OwlMother Mon 18-May-20 10:26:19

DS has been struggling to understand what is required in terms of his portfolio for his 2nd year in an architecture course. Feedback from tutors appears to be inconsistent and in some cases takes a very long time to come and there doesn't seem to be a very good way of communicating to get clarification. This is not a problem purely since COVID19 but appears to be worse now everything is remote. He is working on his final portfolio for the year and has been doing this from home and seemed to feel it was going along quite well, he knew which areas he still needed to work on. He had his review of the portfolio via webex last week and felt it went well, they discussed the areas he knew were weak and he felt he had presented well and that he knew where to go next.

He has had feedback emailed to him today from the review which effectively has given him a failing mark. All areas are listed in the basic category and there are criticisms that were not raised in the review and are addressed within the portfolio. He is devastated as he doesn't really understand whet they want from him, there is a list of corrections/improvements but he feels some of these are already included and some contradict completely something he has previously been told.

I have advised that he asks to speak to the person who did the review/sent the email to ask for clarification and discuss the points that they feel need work. I have also suggested he ask to check in more often, or speak with a tutor more regularly to make sure any new work he does is on the right track. He says that his tutor doesn't respond to emails and the person who did the review isn't clear in person and he feels she doesn't like giving bad news, hence the reason she said nothing in the review and did it all in the email.

I am not sure what to advise, or where to suggest he seeks help. University has obviously changed massively since my day and my course wasn't as subjective as his seems to be.

Hopefully this will make sense to someone as I am not sure how more to help. He has a tendency to be very hard on himself anyway so this has absolutely crushed him- I realise this sounds melodramatic but his mood is very bleak. I am trying to be quite brisk and matter of fact and keep moving forward, what can he do next etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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