Child friendly career options

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Coffeetime1904 Thu 07-May-20 16:30:05

Also I’ve just had a thought about the rota never being the same. How would I book my child into nursery if I know the days and times will change each week? I don’t think any nursery would do that.

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Coffeetime1904 Thu 07-May-20 15:49:40

Hi everyone I wondered if I asked some questions below would anyone be kind enough to share their experiences or opinions?

Background: I am currently looking to go to university I am 28. I am studying a level 3 access course in Midwifery. Can you all please let me know if this is a good career move? I do not have any children however I will do in the next 3-5 years hopefully.

How do usual midwife shifts fit in with the following childcare arrangements and would I need to hire a flexible nanny? :

Newborn - 2 years old (would this be full time wrap around childcare with no free hours) ?

2-4 years old (same as above or does the 30 hours free childcare apply at this age) ?

School age (8.30am-3pm) I assume would be free childcare as the child would be at school. So if my shift was a day shift for example 7.45am-8.15pm I would need to hire a nanny outside of the school hours until I got home? What would happen on a night shift for example, please share your routines with me and also if anyone would know what ages I would currently be entitled to any free nursery hours that would be great. Im worried mainly about childcare costs, would a full time midwife or nurse receive any help?

Thank you all

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