Student finance - do they need a "student" bank account?

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AChickenCalledDaal Mon 04-May-20 19:50:24

DD due to start uni in Sept/Oct 2020. She just about got round to making her student finance application yesterday, but wasn't sure what to do about bank account details.

Her existing bank account is a youth one - open to age 11-17. We had in mind getting a Nationwide student bank account as we all bank with Nationwide and have been very happy with them. But she can't open it till she's 18 and got an unconditional offer. That won't be till after August results day.

So can she apply with her existing bank details and then change it later? Or do we need to look for a student account now? And if so, can anyone recommend one that takes 17s with conditional offers? She won't be 18 until the summer.

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GrumpyHoonMain Mon 04-May-20 19:53:16

HSBC. She wouldn’t qualify for the overdraft though so if that’s needed you should wait for her birthday

1990shopefulftm Mon 04-May-20 19:53:31

She can apply with her existing details and change it later.

SnaccidentsHappen Mon 04-May-20 19:54:34

She doesn't need a student account, most banks will offer one though it will come with some benefits usually. Lloyds offer free free overdrafts on student accounts up to 1500. However I'd think very carefully about the overdraft options, it's all too easy to spiral out of control

Sophiesdog2020 Mon 04-May-20 20:13:57

My DS couldn’t open a student account until he had his firm offer after results day, they need a specific UCAS code to give to the bank, if I remember correctly, although it was over 3 yrs ago. It may have changed but I don’t think so.

titchy Mon 04-May-20 20:17:57

Mine use their 'young teen' bank accounts for their loan. Rent and bills comes out of that bank account, then we pay them a fixed amount into their student account (HSBC for the amazon voucher!)

Dh and I operate a separate 'bill' account so it works in the same principle and hopefully they'll continue once they get jobs --if they ever do--hmm

titchy Mon 04-May-20 20:18:45

The ucas code they get when they've firmed, no need to wait till confirmation.


MillicentMartha Wed 06-May-20 10:19:19

DS1 couldn’t open his student account until after results day either. The code didn’t come until then, has that changed? DS3 has given his young persons bank details for student finance and will change that once he’s opened a student abound, whichever has the best benefits!

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