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Would like to become an place to start please?

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runnyhabbit Thu 13-Sep-07 10:16:07

Currently working as an office administrator, but have had a lot of involvement of VAT returns etc, which I've really enjoyed.
Dh is considering starting his own business, so would like to be able (eventually) to do the books to keep costs down.
It needs to be via post/e-mail (childcare etc)

Sorry if this has been done before.


geekgirl Thu 13-Sep-07 10:18:22

shockshockshock at the thought of someone enjoying VAT returns shockshock

they're my nemesis - always bloody late angry (thankfully the accountant does everything else)

sorry no help - just admiration grin

runnyhabbit Thu 13-Sep-07 10:21:42

I know, I know grin

Even my boss thought I was mad when I told him (on mat leave atm)

Think it's a working with numbers thing - there's no answering back, can only be right or wrong..

who am I kiddinggrin - I'm weird!

runnyhabbit Fri 14-Sep-07 07:48:23


Oblomov Fri 14-Sep-07 08:15:22

Goodness, I don't know where to start with advice.
There is ACA, ACCA or CIMA.
But many people who become interested initially as a means to support their partner with the accounts and book keeping, often start with ACA :
"I also meet many couples that have small businesses where the partner is doing the books. The ones that are enjoying it are the ones that have studied the AAT. People tell me that they're too old to be studying exams so I tell them to just do the coursework instead.
ACA is good becasue it starts with all the book keeping and accounts, from a business point of view.
How does that sound ?

Oblomov Fri 14-Sep-07 08:17:40

Sorry, I mean they start with AAT, not ACA.

AAT could be great for you :

amidaiwish Fri 14-Sep-07 09:01:51

why don't you just start with a book keeping course rather than a fully fledged accountancy qualification?

then if you want to progress further then i am sure the book keeping qualification will give you exemptions on some of the accountancy bits.

Lucewheel Sun 23-Sep-07 18:53:45

Hi Runny

I have just started the AAT course and am doing it by open learning (at home)
If you look on the AAT( website then you will be able to find your local open learning college smile

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