ACC for ABB course? Chances?

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Helpnotsurewhattodovirus Wed 08-Apr-20 13:58:09

What do you think the chances are? It’s ancient history and history at Liverpool.

He doesn’t have an offer as we didn’t apply. He’s having a gap year though so will apply with actual grades. Just wondering whether he needs to resit one of his potential Cs (obviously we don’t know grades yet but he’s been working at a C is predicted a C and got a high D in his most recent exam)

A would be in History 🤞

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LIZS Wed 08-Apr-20 14:03:43

He'd probably need a really good ps, ideally with relevant activities planned for gap year (tricky atm) . Why there particularly? Was that course in clearing last year and have you checked what grades they accepted?

MarchingFrogs Wed 08-Apr-20 14:15:08

I tried putting History with an A and two random Cs (Psychilogy and Business Studies) at C into the WhatUni calculator for History and Ancient History and Liverpool was one of the first places suggested. So presumably it isn't unknown for the universoty to drop its requirements by a grade or two.

Helpnotsurewhattodovirus Wed 08-Apr-20 14:26:42

@LIZS he just absolutely loved it at the open day. His predictions then came in lower than we’d hoped at BCC. He just got BDD in his mocks but only missed an A in history by a couple of marks so hoping they may give him an A. They said one of his papers was exceptional. His Ds were near misses.

He’s very dyslexic if that’s relevant. He’s currently sitting with a BCC offer from Reading.

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Helpnotsurewhattodovirus Wed 08-Apr-20 14:27:37

Also I can’t find that info out about last year’s clearing retrospectively...

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LIZS Wed 08-Apr-20 14:36:36 gives tariff points for entry for past few years

titchy Wed 08-Apr-20 15:18:57

I'd have said he has a good chance.


raspberryrippleicecream Wed 08-Apr-20 16:55:20

I would too, they do reduce.

RummidgeGeneral Wed 08-Apr-20 17:42:15

It is a buyers market this year. Many international students won't come next academic year and Russell group universities will be keen to be able to make an unconditional offer at this point when they are not allowed to do it for students who don't have their grades yet.

Helpnotsurewhattodovirus Wed 08-Apr-20 18:24:29

@RummidgeGeneral it’s for 2021.

Anyway it all hinges on him getting an A. What do you think the chances are if he got a B in his mock and only missed an A by a few marks?

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RummidgeGeneral Wed 08-Apr-20 18:28:45

I think 2021 entry will be a bit tougher than the forthcoming academic year but the Coronavirus crisis is causing such a shock to international student markets that its very likely to affect 2021 entry too.

Eeyoresstickhouse Wed 08-Apr-20 18:34:45

Although if the cap for courses does come in as has been muted it might not be as easy. Otherwise all the RG unis will lower there requirements to Hoover up all the students leaving the ex polys with very limited students.

shockthemonkey Thu 09-Apr-20 09:43:47

SOAS has just written to their offer holders (for some programmes at least) to say that they will come down a grade from their original conditions.

I think many unis will follow suit, a) to help alleviate a lot of corona-induced anxiety amongst their offer holders and b) to make up for an expected drop in international enrolments.

I appreciate your DS hasn't yet applied but this type of gesture may be carried forward in one way or another...

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