Is this qualification worth it?

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hillyholly Sun 05-Apr-20 14:06:40

I was looking at doing a Diploma of Higher Education in Law with the intention of becoming a paralegal but I need to know what jobs this qualification could realistically lead to or if it's worth it as there's no point if realistically I'd need a degree to become a paralegal. Has anyone done this/know anyone who has done this and what jobs it enabled them to do?

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BubblesBuddy Sun 05-Apr-20 16:36:31

Lots of paralegals are law grads that cannot get training contracts to be solicitors or become Barristers. Some are also Law conversion course post grads who cannot get training or Pupillage. I would check, if you can, with local firms before you take the course to see if they recruit people with this level of qualification. There are a lot of law grads who look for these jobs before they get the training they need to fully qualify.

HugoSpritz Sun 05-Apr-20 17:38:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BubblesBuddy Sun 05-Apr-20 18:13:29

The OP asked about a law qualification. One more thought, do you think you could do a law degree? Do you have the necessary qualifications?

HugoSpritz Mon 06-Apr-20 17:51:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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