How quickly do OU courses jump in depth?

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Frequency Sun 05-Apr-20 13:12:58

I've just completed week one. It took me two hours as opposed to a week and that's only because I was browsing MN and WatsApp at the same time.

I'm so bored. I'm not sure if I'm on the right course. I've been reading through and apparently my end of module assignment is to create a "basic web page" including a title, a header, a body section and least one image - but no background images, special effects or interactive things like buttons or links. The OU estimate we should spend 8 hours on this. As long as I had the text for the body written out and the images already saved I could do this in 8 minutes.

I understand they want their courses to be accessible to everyone regardless of their educational background or starting knowledge but if the entire course is like this I'm not going to learn anything.

Am I on the wrong course or will there be a drastic step in terms of difficulty? It's TM111 if anyone has completed it. I'm not sure if I should have or could have started with a level 2 module.

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Whitelisbon Sun 05-Apr-20 13:21:04

I found level 1 easy, it took me hardly any time, and I could fly through a weeks work in an evening.
Now I'm halfway through level 2, and it takes substantially more time and effort - supposedly 16 hours a week, and I'm probably not far off that.
However, the level 1s build up in difficulty, and, unless you have credits from elsewhere you can use towards it, you cant skip the level 1 courses.

I should clarify, I haven't done TM111 (I'm doing a maths degree).

Frequency Sun 05-Apr-20 14:22:50

Thanks. I guess I'll just have to persevere. At least I know I'm going to pass grin

The coding section might be more challenging, I suppose. I have very limited knowledge of coding compared to web building. Although I'm not getting too excited as the web building section assumes you have zero knowledge. I don't have zero knowledge of coding I just don't have much knowledge.

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