Reading Uni?

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Helpnotsurewhattodovirus Mon 30-Mar-20 12:48:12

Any thoughts?
We’ve finally got all offers through. Reading is looking the favourite but it would be good to get experiences.

For History and Ancient History. Quite a party boy. Will need support for his dyslexia.

Didn’t go to an open day but got shown round by two lovely girls who kept going on about en-suite vs shared bathrooms! My son more interested in the sport and the nightlife!

Any experiences? We live a long way away so he won’t be home at weekends.

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Noeuf Mon 30-Mar-20 13:38:25

My dc is final year there and has really enjoyed it. Some of the accommodation is a bit unpleasant - look on student room

aibutohavethisusername Mon 30-Mar-20 14:01:00

I live here! There are lots of pubs and bars in town as well as the student bars on the campus.

You have Reading FC. What sport is he into?

stinky Mon 30-Mar-20 14:13:56

My son is in Yr 2 there, absolutely loving it, it has best of both worlds. Campus university in a city. Definitely lots of nightlife but close to green areas and river for those who enjoy outdoors/sports. Any questions please ask.

Helpnotsurewhattodovirus Mon 30-Mar-20 16:29:50

Brilliant thanks! Where to most of them live after first year?

Sport wise he’s into rugby.

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Helpnotsurewhattodovirus Mon 30-Mar-20 16:30:15

Ps is it quite quiet at weekends as people go home?

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aibutohavethisusername Mon 30-Mar-20 16:49:26

Shame London Irish are moving back to London after the current season. Depending on which rugby he is into.


stinky Mon 30-Mar-20 17:01:41

Lots of accommodation after first year, my son lives on a complex of approx 20 houses with 7 or 9 rooms very close to the university.

Most stay around at weekends, I don't believe a large number go home every weekend, at least my son and his friends don't.

Noeuf Mon 30-Mar-20 17:30:54

They all
Seem to live out for second year. Loads of student houses but they start booking early second term

Yourownpersonaljesus Mon 30-Mar-20 19:59:53

My DD is currently in her second year at Reading. Well she’s actually in Hong Kong at the moment as she’s spending a semester there! She loves Reading. She didn’t sign up for any sports societies but lots of her friends are very sporty and seem to be loving it there too. She stayed in halls in the second year too as she didn’t sort out a house in time. It was only for a short time this year though as she’s been in Hong Kong since January. If your son wants to know about any particular accommodation just pm me and I’ll ask DD for you. It’s very lively there - DD and her friends are quite the party animals!

Helpnotsurewhattodovirus Mon 30-Mar-20 22:25:23

This is sounding great, thank you! He’s put down to defer entry to 2021 but we’re keeping an open mind on that!

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Yourownpersonaljesus Tue 31-Mar-20 12:12:14

Good luck to your DS. Any questions feel free to ask.

graciecoffee Fri 03-Apr-20 16:28:07

Have to say we're absolutely dismayed by Reading's attitude at this time. DD in tears at present as Reading are insisting on final exams at home, with no safety net of grade averaging. DS at Sussex, other DD at Southampton and have been reassured that they will not be disadvantaged. Reading exams are supposed to start in 3 weeks and they still haven't sorted it out. Couldn't seem to care less.

LimescaleCowboy Sat 04-Apr-20 09:13:54

I agree with @graciecoffee. Reading University's attitude has been disgraceful over the past couple of weeks, and yesterday's email to students from the Vice-Chancellor's office was an absolute shocker.

To think I used to work there. I'm not surprised it has slipped far down the league tables. Avoid.

LimescaleCowboy Mon 06-Apr-20 14:25:11

Reading Uni student Caitlin Cassell quoted in this article,

"The university has offered deadline extensions and exam retakes, but it doesn’t really work for final-year students. A lot of us will be starting jobs, internships or master’s programmes.

"We’ve asked for a ‘no detriment’ policy because we have no access to materials in the library. This would mean any work we hand in now doesn’t negatively affect our overall grades if it’s below standard. But the university said no. I’ve still got 45% of my final-year assessments to submit. It’s very tough.”

LimescaleCowboy Mon 06-Apr-20 14:29:48

Caitlin also says, "I have a chronic disability, which means I struggle with going to lectures and other things. It’s funny how they’ve now put lectures online, which they wouldn’t normally do for disabled students like me. But they can suddenly do it now everyone’s impacted."

Reading University's treatment of students with disabilities is very suspect all round. They have withdrawn the normal support systems while refusing to guarantee that students with disabilities, illnesses or caring responsibilities won't be disadvantaged at this unprecedented, stressful time.

Very different from students studying elsewhere.

Their accommodation service is shit, too.

Noeuf Wed 13-May-20 02:33:54

Interesting. Thanks for posting that.

ImNotWhoYouThinkIam Wed 13-May-20 02:42:37

@stinky Reading isn't a city wink

It's my home town. I love it here, although didnt go to uni. The university area as a whole is really pretty. Lots of green space.

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