'Attainment' offers from Birmingham - any experience/advice?

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Maladicta Wed 11-Mar-20 18:27:14

So ds has received an attainment, ie. CCC offer from Birmingham if he firms - he's predicted AAA - to study Political Science and International Relations. He's still waiting to hear from his preferred option, Warwick, and any offer would likely be AAA.

He's not the best under stress and is now actively considering opting for it as his firm then going for Adjustment if he gets near his predicted. All his other offers are higher so it makes an insurance impractical.

Does anyone have any advice about whether or not this is a practical strategy?

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CBear99 Wed 11-Mar-20 19:36:26

Can't offer any advice but my DS is currently in his 3rd year doing this course at Birmingham - can't recommend it highly enough. He's currently on a year abroad at the Uni of British Columbia and having a fantastic time. Course and choice of modules have been excellent and campus/city great - Selly Oak's a bit grim confused but the students love it for some reason.

Maladicta Thu 12-Mar-20 11:56:03

Thanks @CBear99, he'd put it on his form as a filler but has looked more closely and really likes the sound of it grin

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latedecember1963 Thu 12-Mar-20 22:47:40

Like CBear99, our son is in his 3rd year at Birmingham and has had an equally positive experience. He is currently spending a year at the University of Adelaide and will return to do his final year in September.

titchy Fri 13-Mar-20 09:21:07

I'm not sure he'd be eligible for adjustment. His official offer, ie the one UCAS sends would remain at AAA, or whatever their standard offer is. So he'd have to exceed AAA to be able to enter adjustment.

titchy Fri 13-Mar-20 09:22:37

He could decline his Bham place on results day though but he'd be entering clearing along with everyone else - he wouldn't have the week to think about it that adjustment gives you.

shockthemonkey Fri 13-Mar-20 11:39:26

Agree with PP, he won't be eligible for Adjustment unless he gets significantly better than his predictions.

The idea of Adjustment is to give another chance to those whose poor predictions prevented them from applying to better unis.

And those unis that ask for significantly higher predictions than AAA don't, as a rule, participate in Adjustment.


Maladicta Fri 13-Mar-20 18:36:44

Thanks for that, I did wonder how practical an idea it would be. Because he's still waiting for Warwick, I think he's getting quite jittery.

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