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Comefromaway Wed 11-Mar-20 10:51:12

I'm thinking that dd would benefit from a postgrad course in her chosen field (performing arts). Due to the nature of her subject she will complete her current course at the age of 19 and it is the norm for most graduates to move to London to seek work. A lot of her friends chose to go to London to train initially, she felt she was too young at that point and is further north.

There are some excellent drama school postgrad courses out there but I know nothing about funding. Some are MA's but some are postgraduate diplomas.

I read somewhere they were getting rid of career development loans but on another website I saw reference to them.

My husband is currently self-funding an MA alongside working full time (ne needs an MA in order to progress furhter in his career) and he may have to finish at the end of his PGdip due to difficulties finding the fees so we are not really in a position to pay fees.

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GCAcademic Wed 11-Mar-20 10:54:14

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