Medics et al 2021

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Rocksbestdoc Fri 06-Mar-20 09:58:56

Does anyone wish to join a nice supportive thread for people interested in applying for medicine & related degree courses in 2021? No one-upmanship, no nastiness, just general support & advice from people with very recent relevant experience of the application process and those going through it. Possible applicants for Aberdeen to Plymouth, Cardiff to UEA, all are welcomed here.

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Abetes Fri 06-Mar-20 10:03:18

There is already a medicine 2021 thread up and running. You might want to join that.

Rocksbestdoc Fri 06-Mar-20 10:07:22

No, I definitely don't. It's far too scary! This one does what it says on the tin.

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GANFYD Fri 06-Mar-20 16:22:10

I am happy to offer advice if people request any, otherwise, look after one another through this stressful process smile

897654321abcvrufhfgg Fri 06-Mar-20 16:24:47

Thank you. I have stressed my child out by making her read the 2021 thread; she basically thinks she has mocha me!

897654321abcvrufhfgg Fri 06-Mar-20 16:25:04

No chance not mocha!!

mumsneedwine Fri 06-Mar-20 17:02:35

I am a bit scared to come here in case I am followed. Happy to help but I might just say PM me as should then keep this thread sane for you all. Good luck - your kids can do it. They are as good as anyone else's !!!


goodbyestranger Fri 06-Mar-20 17:02:49

What on earth possessed you to 'make' your child read a MN thread, particularly since the most recent pages have been dominated by some very questionable posts?

My advice would be to let your child gather info from university websites and Open Days if s/he has the time and finances to do them. If not, university websites are clear, reliable and have proved more than sufficient for very many cohorts of medical applicants.

goodbyestranger Fri 06-Mar-20 17:05:37

The thread is also already very long - why would a young person waste so much time?

WoofAndWhiskers Fri 06-Mar-20 17:11:02

Hello, yes this could be interesting.

TomoeGozen Fri 06-Mar-20 17:12:41

And here you go again to take over when posters are trying to avoid the kind of 'help' you are offering.

goodbyestranger Fri 06-Mar-20 17:21:01

There are a lot of brand new posters in just a few short posts TomoeGozen. Also, I've had various messages which would suggest you might be speaking for yourself but not for everyone. My understanding is that if one sticks to the MN guidelines, anyone who feels like it is welcome to contribute.

goodbyestranger Fri 06-Mar-20 17:21:49

Although I can't for a while because I'm off out!

goodbyestranger Fri 06-Mar-20 17:25:18

Oops apologies lotsofletters/numbers, I see you said your child was a DD - so she not s/he.

TomoeGozen Fri 06-Mar-20 17:29:39

This topic clearly meets a need for you. At least you have bypassed 2020 for anyone wanting information free of your agenda.

abitoflight Fri 06-Mar-20 17:55:59

Thank the lord

abitoflight Fri 06-Mar-20 17:57:26

I posted that too soon hmm

goodbyestranger Fri 06-Mar-20 17:59:02

I think you're overthinking this! Last year I had more than enough of haemotology visits in real life without getting involved with virtual input for parents of applicants......

abitoflight Fri 06-Mar-20 18:03:35

Don't tell me what I'm doing thank you
I just wanted some folks on the internet who are going thru this now to go through the ups and downs with.

Zog14 Fri 06-Mar-20 18:32:03

Show some self awareness goodbyestranger, this thread has clearly been set up to avoid the patronising, argumentative, never admit you are wrong style, you are unfortunately infamous for, on the medicine boards.

It is true, that these are open forums, but honestly, can you not see, you constantly derail previously supportive threads with your never ending assertions about which med schools are “superior” or “competitive”.

No wonder another thread has been set up, to get away from this rubbish. And yet here you are immediately . . .

goodbyestranger Fri 06-Mar-20 19:18:48

Zog14 I comment relatively little on medicine threads, in fact. Last year rarely at all. This year, I chucked in a comment about not stating the obvious and was lauched at by GANFYD who i didn't know from Adam but who is clearly well known to all the MN posters who also frequent a website intended for students.

I'm not intimidated by MN bullies in particular and in fact have a close stake in applications this year for unis I know less about, so I'll continue to be on any thread I like even if posters are posting under multiple names etc. It really doesn't worry me, posters can do what they like (withing the guidelines), it's all fine.

goodbyestranger Fri 06-Mar-20 19:20:26

Just ignore the typos, I mean also, obviously, ignore the posts if you don't want to read them smile That's what I do half the time.

abitoflight Fri 06-Mar-20 19:32:13

UCAT BMAT or both for the aspiring medics?
Just UCAT here as only interested in one BMAT uni and finally decided against that one.

mumsneedwine Fri 06-Mar-20 20:02:21

@abitoflight it's a bit of a personal choice that one. If get a great UCAT then some don't do BMAT if not really bothered about those Unis. However there is a train of thought among some that doing BMAT keeps all your options open on results day, if you don't receive any offers. So if you have both you could potentially try all Unis if you get the grades - some people get in every year with no offers, but calling up on results day. Does that help 😂. DD just did UCAT - she found that traumatic enough 😊.

MaddieElla Fri 06-Mar-20 20:54:25

Bit worried for DD. She has three As predicted so far during year 12, had lots of work experience in hospitals through Lincolnshire talent academy and works part time in a pharmacy. Trying to tick other boxes but "only" has 5 x 8s, 5 x 7s and a 6. She really likes Nottingham as a favourite, and Birmingham, but I'm not sure she's going to get enough points for an interview. sad

Sheffield is a back up I'm hoping as it's less dependent on top GCSEs and she's doing an EPQ. She has her heart set on Nottingham though so I'm hoping she can smash her ucat.

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