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Bursaries,grants etc available for summer schools...any ideas?

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Eastisup Mon 02-Mar-20 14:41:43

Hello folks,
very long time lurker but not frequent poster!
I just wondered if anyone might have any ideas to help me!
DD has just been offered a place on a summer school at Harvard for this July. Unfortunately she didn't get offered a scholarship place but has applied for a low-income scholarship. Should she not get this, I am stuck with the unenviable task of finding 4.5K by 15 th of April!
I am sure there must be lots of organisations that offer funds for this type of situation and I wondered if anyone has been in this position before and managed to find support! We are in South Wales if that helps.
Any information anyone can share would be much appreciated!!

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Stillabitemo Mon 02-Mar-20 15:51:45

Turn2Us grants search

Eastisup Tue 03-Mar-20 14:37:20

Thank you Stillabitemo , that is one site I've been looking at and there might be some grants she is eligible to apply for.
Has anyone been in this position at all?

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Malbecfan Thu 05-Mar-20 08:36:16

In our school library, there is a directory of organisations that offer grants. Your local library will have something similar. It's worth a look.

Local rotary clubs can sometimes help with matching funding. Google your local one.

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