Starting uni at 23yrs old?

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nonamemummy Sun 01-Mar-20 22:20:56

Is 23 too old to be starting uni? I want to do a nursing degree but the universities closest to me only offer it full time, which I’d be unable to do right now. I’d be able to next year when my children are both in school

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My2catsarefab Sun 01-Mar-20 22:38:31

I started uni when I was 25 (teaching degree). There were quite a few my age, a few who were older but yes, majority were 18 or 19. I made some really good friends whilst there.

Whatishappening9876 Sun 01-Mar-20 22:41:46

I'm a nurse, I started when I was 24, there were loads of people older than me in my course. I would say I was in the youngest 50%. Go for it!

TravellingWilberry Sun 01-Mar-20 22:46:17

I went to uni at 18 but then went back to do my masters at 39!

And I wasn't the oldest person on the course either, loads of 'mature ' students.

balletpanda Sun 01-Mar-20 22:48:40

Definitely not too young! Loads of people do nursing later

Mychitchatdays Sun 01-Mar-20 22:49:10

Most people in my uni classes are much older than that. There is no age limit on education. If you want to go go don't give a second thought about your age.

nonamemummy Sun 01-Mar-20 23:05:59

Aww thanks for your replies everyone! I just felt like it would be full of 18 year olds and I’d be the oldest, but apparently not! I feel much better now.
@Whatishappening9876 when we’re you studying? What is it like studying, regarding hours and days etc. Sorry for the questions I just want to make sure I’d be able to manage it around my kids

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KeepYourWigOn Sun 01-Mar-20 23:10:14

We'll I started uni' at 43! I wasn't the oldest on my course either.

GCAcademic Sun 01-Mar-20 23:11:45

People go to university in their 50s, 60s and 70s. There is little difference between 18 and 23.

Whatishappening9876 Mon 02-Mar-20 00:00:33

I qualified 2 and a half years ago now so not too long. When I was there we had around 3 days in university at lectures and classes, the other times were self study. I didnt find the workload for essays etc too much, it was manageable. (I didnt have kids at the time though, but many people in my class did). The hardest bit I would say is the placements. 50% of the course is carried out in placements and you do full times hours for that, including nightshifts and weekends, normally depending on what shifts your mentor is doing. I found most places to be really accommodating with shifts though when I was student nurse. And now I wouldnt make a student do nightshift or weekends unless they wanted to. I would definitely go for it, it's a great career and so many routes you can take once your qualified. Definitely dont worry about age, in my experience the older student nurses tend to do better anyway, and you've got at least 40 years of working ahead of you, so do something you think you're going to enjoy.

nonamemummy Mon 02-Mar-20 07:12:35

@Whatishappening9876 I’m guessing the placements aren’t all year then? If they are full time hours surely you don’t still have to go into the uni aswell do you?

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Whatishappening9876 Mon 02-Mar-20 08:08:09

No you dont do both at the same time, its normally 3 placements a year which last about 6 weeks each and in uni the rest of the time.

Runnerduck34 Mon 02-Mar-20 08:32:16

No go for it, you will regret it if you don't. I think it's becoming more usual for people to start uni later and you are still young so it's not even that late!

Friendsofmine Mon 02-Mar-20 08:34:20

I regularly see people in their 40s and recently someone in his 60s when I do guess lectures.

nonamemummy Mon 02-Mar-20 21:55:49

Thanks for the replies everyone. But I don’t think it will be next year as I’ve just realised I don’t actually have any UCAS points

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Lippy1234 Thu 05-Mar-20 19:44:08

I went to uni when I was 24 and my DS had just started school. I do don’t feel at all old, I made friends with the 18/19 year olds and the ‘mature’ students.
I’ve just read your update , have you looked at access courses?

nonamemummy Thu 05-Mar-20 19:52:35

Yeah I’ve applied for an access to higher education course at college

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finallyahappygirl Thu 05-Mar-20 19:54:08

I was 23 and uni gave me a grant for childcare costs for both of my children. Good luck.

nonamemummy Thu 05-Mar-20 20:07:34

What sort of hours were your courses?

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bluete Mon 09-Mar-20 22:17:32

I started my degree at 23, It is only 5 years older than the youngest students and there were many students in the early 20s to mid-40s. I am starting my MA this year at 39.

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