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wineymummy Thu 13-Feb-20 18:50:01

Not when I applied (crikey that's nearly 18 years ago.) But at least two of my preferred places did. So in year 13 I dropped English and took up AS art. I didn't get into either of the schools that looked at my portfolio tho, you need a degree of creativity which hadn't exactly bloomed in me after one term of art (having not done GCSE either.) I would say art is more important than any other subject to be honest.

lu9months Thu 13-Feb-20 18:44:34

anyone know if you can manage to build a portfolio without doing art A level? DS is doing DT GCSE not art, and wanted to do product design A level, but his favoured 6th form doesn't offer this. how hard would it be to build a portfolio by yourself? do all architecture courses require a portfolio? thanks

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