Accommodation at Imperial College London

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seedybird Fri 07-Feb-20 18:20:15

Can anyone give me the low-down on Imperial’s halls etc? DD has an offer and we visited several on the open day last year. Is Beit worth the money? I know it largely depends on what you’re looking for but all advice, opinions and experiences will be welcome on any Imperial hall. It’s her firm choice with Bristol as a potential insurance.

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seedybird Sun 16-Feb-20 14:40:11

Any thoughts or recommendations? Thanks

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HostessTrolley Tue 18-Feb-20 23:02:43

Dd is a first year medic at Imperial, and is in Woodward. Her room is nice, en-suite with a small double bed, her flat has 8 students from a mixture of courses (I think 3 are medics) with a shared kitchen/dining area. There’s a laundrette in the basement, a gym (£40/year!) in the next building, and a Tesco express and costa between her room and the tube station. Asda is about 15 minutes walk away. The only downside is the travel in for classes, but she isn’t finding it too bad, and because Woodward is big there are usually people coming back there to travel with after late night social things. The cost is good, even when the travel card is factored in, and she quite likes walking through Hyde Park on her way home some days for the headspace.

She is planning to move into a shared house in Hammersmith next year which is usual for medics as a lot of their classes next year will be at Charing Cross hospital. She gets on fine with her current flatmates but has really hit it off with some friends at the halls over the road who she got to know initially on the tube, so will be living with them.

She has friends who are in the halls much closer to campus, her opinion is that her own room is nicer and while she can see the advantage of less travelling, the cost difference and social side of being at Woodward balances that out x

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