Need advice please re ds's flat share insurance

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ssd Wed 29-Jan-20 08:21:07

Ds has moved into a flat share, private tenants with a landlord, him and a pal. Both students in the final year. I want to get him contents insurance but nit sure what to get. My insurance doesn't cover him as he's not in halls of residence. It's not a uni property, it's a private let.

Has anyone got any advice?

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ssd Wed 29-Jan-20 08:22:14

This will be their main home, they won't come home in the holidays or anything, it's a normal rented flat but they are still students.

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BubblesBuddy Wed 29-Jan-20 08:35:50

Just insure the contents (his belongings). The landlord should insure their belongings. As he probably doesn't own much, it won’t be expensive. The fact he is a student doesn’t really matter.

VanCleefArpels Wed 29-Jan-20 12:16:30|pcrid|75179171767855|pkw|student%20contents%20insurance|pmt|be|slid||pgrid|1202865861562828|ptaid|kwd-75179185219659:loc-188&mkwid=ryeK6ANr&pdv=c&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=bing&utm_campaign=Home+-+Product+-+Student&utm_content=75179171767855_&utm_term=student%20contents%20insurance&intent=ho-ins-si&pgrid=1202865861562828&ptaid=kwd-75179185219659:loc-188&msclkid=3fccc10246a61e5db4b89f3331213bbb

LIZS Wed 29-Jan-20 12:18:25

Ds used Endsleigh.

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