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LittleDragonGirl Wed 29-Jan-20 07:49:46

Posting on behalf of a friend..

They recently asked about attending Nottingham to do a Masters in psychology (research methods I think), and I honestly know nothing about Notts. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of Nottingham at post graduate level (masters/PhD) as I know there really worried about changing Universities for masters, but from what they've said it sounds like Notts has much better opportunities in their areas of interest for post grad.

Thank you in advance!

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impostersyndrome Wed 29-Jan-20 13:29:19

Hi @LittleDragonGirl, I’d recommend asking Mumsnet to move this to HIgher Education. This is a work forum for academics.

LilyMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 29-Jan-20 19:31:39

We're moving it for the OP now. smile

LittleDragonGirl Wed 29-Jan-20 19:46:46

Thank you! I really didnt think, as I wrote it out quick while talking to my friend about it! Sorry!

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