Nursing on universal credits?

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creaturcomforts Tue 28-Jan-20 00:02:43

Wondering if someone could come along who can help? I'm a lone parent to a 12 year old dd, currently working as a support worker and a carer with an agency.

I have been working as a carer for 20 years and often wondered if I could study for nursing. I'm really interested in adult mental health, as this is an area that I've started to get more placements in at work.

I'm really struggling to find out information on student loans though, as I'm getting top ups in universal credits and can't afford to lose too much in universal credits as the amount of student loan is taken as earnings and reduces this. As I'm currently working, I simply wouldn't be able to afford to live and pay rent and bills on the amount I would be entitled to on universal credits without working part time and studying full time as well.

I did read that as a single parent I might be entitled to a special payment to help with costs through student finance, also that you can't study full time while on universal credits but In some areas if you fit certain criteria (and being a lone parent was one of them ) that you were able to study and would not lose your benefits.

I've drawn a dead end on advice, wondered if student finance would be able to advise me? As it's benefits related, they wouldn't be able to advise on how it would affect the universal credits? My jobcentre I feel would not help with advice as they would like to get you into work.

Wondering how difficult it would be in reality with the different shift rotations and juggling everything. I am used to working all hours but it's currently hard with arranging child care for my daughter around agency work as it is!

On the other hand the thought of eventually being able to come off universal credits and give a better life for my daughter would make it worthwhile.

I'd be grateful if anyone has any ideas where I could find out more? Would it be worth contacting the university directly?

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