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aspiringnurse Sat 11-Jan-20 23:35:53

I have my first ever university interview (group task and interview then one to one interview).

Any tips and advice?! It's for adult nursing.

Thank you smile

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MadeinBelfast Sat 11-Jan-20 23:41:23

This is a bit random but one tip is to wear a scarf. If your group task is any sort of role play a scarf can become a sling, bandage, pillow or used to keep someone warm etc. A friend was very impressed when someone in her interview improvised in this way! Good luck.

damekindness Sun 12-Jan-20 19:00:52

Do your research - in my experience at interviews applicants struggle to describe exactly what a nurse does. It's one of those things you think you know until you have to actually articulate it (countless applicants get themselves stumped after they say nurses care for people- they of course do but so do any number of different professions)

Think about experiences you have had to illustrate things such as being compassionate, working in a team, managing challenging people. Doesn't have to be in a caring context - can be from any people facing environment

In a group interview show that you can listen (using appropriate body language) as well as contribute - showing that you can encourage quieter people to contribute always demonstrates the right values

Look at the NMC and RCN website

Smudger35 Sun 12-Jan-20 19:08:35

Something that always stands out in group tasks is if you use the names of the other group members. Shows good listening and rapport building skills. Good luck!

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