Any experiences with MIT, please

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theoriginalmadambee Fri 10-Jan-20 16:07:42

Ds is going on an exchange to MIT during his phd. 3-6 months.

Do any of you have any experiences with this, especially regarding accommodations.

The administration there seems at best long-winded smile. We have colleagues in Boston if need be, but would like to have this in place before he leaves.

And I know, I should butt out, but any advice please?

Ps. We are Scandi.

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GrouchoMrx Sat 11-Jan-20 14:21:53

Is you DS considered an 'exchange student' or a 'visiting student' at MIT? I suspect it is the latter.

Visiting students are not entitled to on-campus accommodation in MIT and need to find housing off campus. Exchange students are eligible for on-campus accommodation.

theoriginalmadambee Sat 11-Jan-20 15:15:51

Thanks @GrouchoMrx
His letter of invitation says visiting student. Do you know how easy off campus accommodations are to obtain and what to look out for?

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GrouchoMrx Sun 12-Jan-20 14:55:18

I don't know how easy it is to find accommodation in Boston. Someone who has recently lived in Boston would be best placed to answer that.

Chemenger Sun 12-Jan-20 15:04:26

There is an enormous number of students in Boston and Cambridge (where MIT is). I don’t think student housing is in short supply but it will depend on the time of year, mid semester may be more difficult than the summer, for example. I would recommend contacting whoever will be supervising him at MIT, they may be able to put him in touch with other PhD students who will be in the know about accommodation (or housing, as they will refer to it), if the actual housing office isn’t being helpful.

theoriginalmadambee Sun 12-Jan-20 15:06:52

Thank you very much both smile.

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