Art Foundation: Anyone's DC doing it? UCAS in? Hoping for where? What?

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Miljea Sat 28-Dec-19 18:36:53

Nosy, me! grin.

Graphic Design.

DS2 submitted his UCAS just before Xmas, but, to my irritation, the college hold on to them til a week or so into Jan, then submit. Or something. They've already told him it's fine but of course, portfolio is all. I doubt they read the beautifully crafted PS!

Why do college not just submit now? We were told at several unis it's a good idea to apply early, pre-Christmas, so the have more time to examine individual portfolios; but whatever. It is what it is.

Some unis will request a digital portfolio, then hopefully get them in for an interview plus paper portfolio; some go straight for paper plus interview; some want only your best work (and how you developed your ideas). Some want to see lots of different media and techniques in the portfolio. And really want to see sketches...

He almost needs 5 portfolios!

Anyone else?

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merryMuppet Mon 30-Dec-19 01:21:23

Where is your DS2 applying to? If possible, it would be good to tailor the portfolio to each course but if that's not possible then make sure it's aimed at your ideal first choice course and that it covers all bases so best work including some preparatory work and sketches. The usual rule of thumb is to start strong and to finish strong with the other stuff in the middle. It's so hard choosing work at this stage as the critical eye develops over time and so really at foundation level it's usually best to include as much as possible as sometimes the work the student thinks is rubbish is actually their most interesting.

Miljea Mon 30-Dec-19 17:40:52

His first choice is Kingston.

Good advice re the portfolio, but at least he can turn up with a different portfolio for each interview.

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merryMuppet Wed 01-Jan-20 03:21:50

The Kingston foundation course is really well regarded and I think quite competitive to get a place. What does help is that they're quite prescriptive about what they require in the digital portfolio so you know you will have provided all that they're looking for. If your DS2 isn't called for interview though it's important they don't take it too personally as when looking through so many portfolios it can be personal preference for choosing one candidate over another and not necessarily a judgment of their ability. Good luck and fingers crossed!

I think there is usually a part of the portfolio which can require an opportunity to show individual thought - I'd be looking at the staff on the course and their visual interests and try to engage with these in the choice of images.

Miljea Thu 02-Jan-20 13:56:12

Thanks for that, I've suggested it to him (looking at the lecturers influences)

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