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aspiringnurse Wed 04-Dec-19 20:51:03

Hi all,

Looking for some advice regarding the interviews for university (specifically nursing), sent my application off on Monday and today got an invitation for interview middle of Jan.

I am currently studying an Access course so won't usually find out my grades until nearer June.

What happens usually if accepted? How do I prepare for the interview?
I do know it's a group interview and one to one, has anyone had experience of nursing interviews at Sunderland before as I have heard mixed reviews.

Thank you grin

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Dancingdreamer Mon 09-Dec-19 22:27:13

I can’t say about Sunderland but in my experience if you have done well on an access course most universities will be very interested in you for nursing courses. Best of luck.

Serin Sat 21-Dec-19 13:52:39

My DC had 5 nursing interviews last year and all 5 offered places. I think they only invite you for interview if they really like you and are about to offer a place any way.
DC certainly felt that it was more like a marketing opportunity for the unis and they tried to give the hard sell.
They asked questions like "what is your best achievement", "how would your friends describe you" "give me an example of when you cared for someone" the "6 Cs" etc, some made them do basic maths/English tests but nothing too difficult.
One asked them to write an essay about patient dignity.
Good luck OP.

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