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aspiringnurse Wed 04-Dec-19 20:49:08

Hi all,

Looking for some advice regarding the interviews for university (specifically nursing), sent my application off on Monday and today got an invitation for interview middle of Jan.

I am currently studying an Access course so won't usually find out my grades until nearer June.

What happens usually if accepted? How do I prepare for the interview?
I do know it's a group interview and one to one, has anyone had experience of nursing interviews at Teesside before as I have heard they're not great from a number of people (rude interviewer etc)

Any replies or advice would be hugely appreciated! grin

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Stillabitemo Thu 05-Dec-19 20:46:29

The website suggests it MMI not group and one to one?

From the website:

Interview criteria
A mini multiple interview process will be used as part of the selection process. This will involve you moving through a series of three interview stations (approximately ten minutes per station). At each station you will explore a different scenario and will be measured against the six C's and the following criteria which has been mapped against the NHS Constitution

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