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thesunalwaysshineson Sat 16-Nov-19 06:56:28

DS decided a couple of years ago that he wanted to do Law.

Without any input whatsoever from me, he's worked hard and done loads of work experience and useful extra-curricular stuff but now he's got his offers he's asking for my advice and I haven't got a clue.

In our entire extended family, he's the first person to go to uni and I just don't know anyone who has been through the process, and I certainly don't know anyone who works in the legal profession.

Basically he is predicted AAB in three facilitating subjects.

On his teachers advice he applied to three decent unis that require AAB for law, but they are not Russel Group.

He also put one RG uni that asks for AAA and one insurance choices that is RG but not well regarded for Law and requires ABB.

He submitted his form last Friday and by Monday had received offers from all five - brilliant news and we were really excited.

But now he wants my help making his choices. We are basing all of it on googling and trawling through places like Student Room but are just lost.

Basically it seems that a RG uni is very important for law, but he is worried that he won't make the AAA offer and it looks like his insurance ABB uni is not well regarded.

He likes all of his three non RG unis, and they've got good reputations, and one of them is willing to drop their offer if he firms them, but now our googling suggests he might not get a job after if he goes to any of them.

Please help. I think AAB predictions are good and he's so self-motivated and hard-working and I don't want to let him down. I'm jealous of all the families with knowledge and connections!

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thesunalwaysshineson Sat 16-Nov-19 06:58:08

Should add the AAA uni required the LNAT which he did. We are assuming he scored well to have received an offer so fast!

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fabtasticmrpox Sat 16-Nov-19 07:15:58

Hi Op I can't answer your question, but there is a Facebook page called wiwikau (what I wish I knew about university) . It's full of knowledgeable people.

MarchingFrogs Sat 16-Nov-19 07:28:57

One piece of advice that he really should heed is that he has over 5 months to make his final decision - the deadline for deciding firm and insurance (where all responses have been received by March 31st) and entering them into the UCAS system is in the first week in May.

So plenty of time to do a bit more research, go and have another good look at the universities and their Law departments on the offer holder days to which he should now receive invitations, etc. It might help if you name the actual universities concerned. There really is no need to rush.

India999 Sat 16-Nov-19 07:29:50

Hi, I've worked in legal industry for 10 years!

It really depends what his ambitions are. If we wants to work for a magic/silver circle firm in London then yes, stick with the RG unis!!

The legal industry is changing and "some" businesses/law firms now put less importance on uni/grades and more on work experience etc.

What is his end goal? What are of law does he want to qualify into?

PointeShoesandTutus Sat 16-Nov-19 07:33:48

I’m a barrister, and I also help with our chambers’ applications for pupillage (training).

It all depends on what RG, what non-RG and what grade is achieved to be honest.

We’ve recently had people succeed from Birmingham, Newcastle, Warwick, Oxbridge, Durham, Queens Belfast, Leeds. So a good spread of RG.

But we’ve also had a few non RG but still excellent universities - St Andrews, Aberdeen, Bath.

More important is the 2.1 or 1st class degree, a good amount of work experience and a lot of common sense and good luck to be honest!

HugoSpritz Sat 16-Nov-19 07:33:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.


thesunalwaysshineson Sat 16-Nov-19 07:50:25

Thank you so much! I honestly could cry, ive been stressing about this so much and you are all so helpful.

I don't mind posting his offers :

Nottingham AAA
Lancaster ABB
Liverpool ABB
Leicester ABB (or BBB if he firms)

I think Nottingham and Liverpool are their standard, published offer but the other three have all lowered their usual AAB offer.

I'm not daft and I'm a pro googler, but i don't want to steer him wrong.

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PointeShoesandTutus Sat 16-Nov-19 08:14:25

If I were advising DD, I’d say Nottingham as a stretch/hope, and Liverpool as insurance. Purely based on legal career - If he loves one of the others, career goals aren’t everything.

bookgirl1982 Sat 16-Nov-19 08:20:14

Nottingham and Liverpool are the best regarded of those. Has he done visits yet? What sort of law cater does he want?

Peaseblossom22 Sat 16-Nov-19 08:21:54

First of all do not panic , secondly you must be so proud of your son he has done brilliantly . As other posters have said there is really no need to make as decision in a rush , your ds will be invited to offer holders days where he can ask more detailed questions and get a feel for them .

If he wants a career in law he should also look at the careers advice at each university and what support is available in terms of getting onto vacation schemes at law forms as this is how most of the firms recruit. Most of the law depts will have close links with the university careers service.

In general the advice would be aim as high as possible , if he has a good LNAT score this will help if on results day he has dropped a grade.

thesunalwaysshineson Sat 16-Nov-19 08:29:10

He did open days but has now got invites to applicant days I think.

You are right to remind us not to rush. Even though he's 18, he's looking to me for advice and I know whatever I say will carry weight so want to get it right.

Nottingham is obviously the best, but above his predicted AAB. Do you think it's worth putting as his firm then and hoping for the best? If he got AAB do you think they might let him in anyway (I've read about it happening, but maybe not for law)?

The insurance has surprised me because, although RG, there's lots of stuff online with people saying Liverpool hasn't got a good reputation for law, but then I've found people saying Leicester is well regarded.

We found an annual report produced by chambers student with lots of data about what universities firms recruit from, and Leicester is above Liverpool, as it is in the league tables for law too (UEA also on that report, but not Lancaster).

Lancaster is doing so well in league tables though.

My head is spinning. Thank you so much for the help.

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sniffingthewax Sat 16-Nov-19 08:30:31

Not to put a dampener on things, but the majority of legal graduates do not end up working in law, and of the ones that do a very small fraction end up in magic circle. That is not in any way to minimize his achievements - he has done very well, especially as he is entirely self motivated - the point I'm making is not to worry too much about what uni he goes to. Did he go to any open days, get a feel of each one?

thesunalwaysshineson Sat 16-Nov-19 08:38:07

I don't think he aspires to magic circle (whatever that means but it sounds like the top best sort of firm?!).

He doesn't know what area of law he wants to go into really, or what sort of firm he wants to work in, but he doesn't consider himself to be a top applicant. He knows there are plenty of people with A* s heading off to oxbridge.

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Peaseblossom22 Sat 16-Nov-19 08:43:27

If the predictions on his form are AAB and Nottingham know this then they think he is worth a punt especially if he did well in the LNAT so personally I would advise go for it . BUT the best piece of advice is to take him time .

Take a big deep breath , concentrate on the A levels because getting those grades is critical; law firms look at A levels not just degree when recruiting. Do applicant days for the ones he is seriously interested in and don’t lose sight of the fact that he needs to be happy and comfortable in a place . Maybe try to get a feel for how the university supports first generation students , some do have some extra support.

My dh is also a lawyer a big part of being a successful lawyer is about keeping a clear head, being logical and considered and he needs to apply those qualities to this decision which will only be the first of many decisions if he persues a career in the law.

Goldenchildsmum Sat 16-Nov-19 09:14:15

I don't think he aspires to magic circle (whatever that means but it sounds like the top best sort of firm?!).

If he wants to be a lawyer he needs to work out what MC is confused

thesunalwaysshineson Sat 16-Nov-19 09:44:09

He'll know, don't worry, but he isn't here right now and I didn't.

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clutchingon Sat 16-Nov-19 09:45:25

Put Nottingham first. Then prob Liverpool. There were llb places in clearing last year including from some of his offers so I would aim high (and prob do a different course at a better uni if I'm honest and then law conversion). I'm a lawyer - I wouldn't get a trainee job at my firm these days having monumentally screwed up my alevels and not even making my insurance (non RG) grades. They let me in when I begged them though!

Splodgetastic Sat 16-Nov-19 09:49:11

I know good lawyers from all of those universities. I have never met a lawyer from Leicester so cannot really comment.

Splodgetastic Sat 16-Nov-19 09:50:03

Sorry, I meant I know good lawyers from all apart from Leicester.

DragonMamma Sat 16-Nov-19 09:54:24

I recruit trainees for our Top 100 firm abs we’d view Nottingham more favourably overall, and then Liverpool.

DragonMamma Sat 16-Nov-19 09:54:44


I don’t have abs wink

zsazsajuju Sat 16-Nov-19 09:57:50

Nottingham then Liverpool definitely. Law is a very snobby profession with a huge number of applicants and where you went to uni is very important. He will be at a bit of a disadvantage being non-oxbridge but Nottingham is well thought of. The trainees now are such ridiculous over achievers- best of luck to him as it’s not an easy road.

BackwardsGoing Sat 16-Nov-19 10:03:16

Law is massively oversupplied with graduates and most don't end up being lawyers, let alone working in the magic circle. It's also a profession that's going to be hugely affected by AI replacing many jobs in the future.

That said, it's a great degree with many transferable skills, and students should choose a subject they are genuinely interested in.

Finally, just to note that it is a great time to be applying to university as there is oversupply. That's why they'll be chasing him for applicant days and firm decisions. He will be intensively marketed to for the next 6-9 months. Don't let it panic him or sway his decisions.

Good luck to your son OP.

Xenia Sat 16-Nov-19 10:09:59

Nottingham (one of my daughters went there and is now a lawyer in London by the way). Of that list even if she had not gone there I would saying Nottingham is the best.

Have a look at this list of where trainee solicitors went to university.
You can see Nottingham of those on your list does pretty well

Also he will need his AAB grades or higher.The minimum A level grades for most of the better law firms is AAB.

Also if he wants ot be a solicitor make sure he applies for training contracts (and paid vacation schemes) in time. The deadlines are on all the law firms;' websites and it is years ahead that they recruit and will continue to be the case when the exam system changes.

(3 of my chidren one of whom is a London lawyer and others planning to be I understand - all 3 went to or are at Bristol ).

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