Does anyone know the process for dropping out and reapplying for another university ?

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ItsReallyOnlyMe Wed 13-Nov-19 18:24:39

My son is currently in the first year of a Chemical Engineering degree at Imperial College. He is not enjoying the course and is strongly considering changing to Natural Sciences, which would have to be at a different university (as Imperial do not offer it).

He would like to finish the first year at Imperial as he still thinks he will benefit from the tuition received. Should he apply through UCAS by the January deadline whilst still at Imperial ? The website is not clear on what to do.

He would satisfy all entry requirements for all courses (other than Oxbridge) as he has 4 A* at A level.

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damekindness Wed 13-Nov-19 19:26:05

I'd call the admissions team in the university he's interested in and ask about opportunities for direct entry into year 2 of whatever course he'd like to be considered for

ItsReallyOnlyMe Wed 13-Nov-19 20:54:14

Thanks for your response. Yes, he will contact them - he's sent an email this evening. We'll wait and see !

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