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isittimetogotobed Tue 29-Oct-19 14:31:42

My eldest is really keen on York for uni. I'm just wondering the difference between York and York St John?
I have no clue as it's a long time since I went to university.
Does anyone have any experience? Is one much better than the other?
Results are expected to be ABB if that makes any difference?

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Benes Tue 29-Oct-19 14:34:25

They are VERY different. What subject is your DS interested in as YSJ is quite small so you'd need to check they offer the subjects he's interested in.

Benes Tue 29-Oct-19 14:35:05

Apologies for assuming DS .....

stubiff Tue 29-Oct-19 15:24:36

York is 30th, YSJ is 111th.

Subject example - Accounting (ish) - York needs AAB, YSJ 96–112 points.

Depending on the subject I'd be aiming for York.
You could even argue that if you're predicted ABB and the York offer is a stretch, then look at other Unis rather than YSJ. I wouldn't limit your options.

EvaHarknessRose Tue 29-Oct-19 15:35:36

I am well qualified for this question as I have a degree from both 😊. York - a high ranking uni, large, campus based, the old campus is looking a bit run down but they have built a brand new campus east or something. Lots of accommodation and a large student body so lots of societies etc. Wide range of subjects. York St John more focused on vocational subjects like the health professions, lots of mature students. Beautiful buildings in a historic central location. Very small. Good library and sports clubs. I rate both, but technically York uni is the higher ranking one (like Bristol uni versus University if the west of England - they do different things and are good at what they do, check out the courses and see what you fancy.) Either way, York is a fabulous city to study in and easy to get around - never more than about a thirty minute walk to the centre.

BubblesBuddy Tue 29-Oct-19 18:56:50

Why is he just looking at York? He should widen his net and consider where he could go for his subject and what ranking the university has. Just plucking out a city isn’t the best way to choose.

Serin Tue 29-Oct-19 21:24:41

On the contrary BubblesBuddy, I think it can be a perfectly valid way to choose a uni.
I picked my first uni with my head, due to its course reputation and ranking, I lasted a few weeks. Restarted the next year at a university in my favourite city where I felt totally at home (Liverpool) and loved it.
My own son wants to go to York next year, it is his first choice, above Durham.


Furryfatface Tue 29-Oct-19 22:00:25

Depending on the subject. St Johns is wonderful location.

The spaceship is further out of York.

Susaflowers Wed 30-Oct-19 10:32:44

I agree with this summary. We have recently visited both. Impressed with both. Very different but both very good at what they do. Both visits were well organised and informative and had a good feel for us. Asked lots of questions. Ranking is worth looking at but more important by visiting we were able to take in the atmosphere and how we/our daughter felt. We also managed to speak to Alumni from both universities as we spent time in York. All very positive. Make a visit if you can.

BubblesBuddy Wed 30-Oct-19 13:14:23

Ranking is very very important. It really is not good advice, via personal anecdotes from years ago, to suggest any DC should look at two universities so wildly different in ranking. Surely the universities offer different courses, entry requirements and are not really comparable?

Good advice is to aim at universities that are within the highest ranking for your course and taking into account possible A level results. Why would you go to one of the worst for a course when you could get somewhere much more respected? Why would you just look at York? It’s utterly blinkered. Unless you cannot get anywhere else of course because of send.

I am well aware universities that are lower ranking have a role but it is often poorly advised and poorer students who end up at them when they could do so much better. This is why we have static social mobility.

MarchingFrogs Wed 30-Oct-19 13:36:34

My own son wants to go to York next year, it is his first choice, above Durham.
Blimey, that's a brave admission to makegrin...

Needmoresleep Wed 30-Oct-19 18:42:06

Ranking is very very important.

Yes to you. But your area of expertise is law.

DC make all sorts of weird decisions when choosing a University. One of DDs friends hesitated because Durham does not have a Waitrose. (Though got teased, and then when she told me the story I teased her - luckily the first thing we saw when she went for her interview at the University she now attends was a huge Waitrose. Unfortunately her budget is more Lidl.) I do think it is important they choose place that they feel comfortable in. Bubbles children were clearly very different, but not all are already plotting long term career moves at 17.

That said a friends child at York U ended up in private accomodation where every other member of the flat were at York StJ, including a couple who were reading the same subject as her. York seemed to be a lot more rigorous with much higher demands. She was from London whilst the York StJ students tended to be local and excited to be away from home for the first time. They were nice kids but a bit like the way academic kids at her state school had hung out together, she found she made her friends at Uni rather than in the halls.

In short if she is a top set kid she will probably be happier in a similar University to the ones her friends are choosing. My niece went to York, and chose it to be near GPs, but seems to have had no problems landing a good City job. Though as Bubbles suggests, law is probably prefers to recruit from older Universities.

Piggywaspushed Wed 30-Oct-19 19:39:33

Knowing the subject would help us to offer more specific advice perhaps.

Serin Wed 30-Oct-19 23:19:25

Bubbles and Marching Fogs, DS has put Durham down but he really doesn't want to go there despite having the predicted grades. He just didnt feel it there at all.
Loved York though and has spent a week living at the uni for a summer computer course.
I think the fact that he has seen 2 of DD's friends quit Durham probably hasn't helped.

Piggywaspushed Thu 31-Oct-19 06:56:13

Whispers <It's a loooong time ago but I chose York over Durham, too...>

The ABB grades OP, do leave your DC somewhat between two stools! ABB might not be high enough grades to get an offer from York for most subjects. Conversely ABB would exceed what most first year students at YSJ have achieved. So, lovely as York is, I do agree the net should be cast wider.

Spinderellacutituponetime Thu 31-Oct-19 07:03:38

York St John used to be a poly not a uni, it probably doesn’t have the kudos or ranking York uni does and has more vocational courses. Both are great though in their own way and York a lovely city to live in.

stubiff Thu 31-Oct-19 08:21:41

OP, as others have said, it would be useful to know the subject.
Also, it would be useful to know 'why' he wants to go to York - he thinks the city is 'nice', a friend is wanting to go, his partner is already there or hopefully, one of the courses is the right fit.

There are lots of reasons (as we've heard) for wanting to go somewhere, but I think we'd all agree that casting the net just on York may not be the best idea (unless there are valid extenuating circumstances).

MarchingFrogs Thu 31-Oct-19 08:43:54

DS has put Durham down but he really doesn't want to go there

So in the unlikely event that it turns out to be his only / only viable offer, is he looking at a gap year and reapplying to the places he would prefer to go, or 3/4 years at a place he doesn't fancy, just because he ought to want to go to Durham? (Durham and York became members of the Russell Group at the same time -2012, along with Exeter and QMUL - btw).

DS2, who will be applying to university for 2021 entry, is almost certainly in the group at school who will be assessed as having a reasonable shot at Oxbridge. He has already visited Cambridge three times through the school and has decided that lovely as Corpus Christi was, the university is not for him. Interestingly, one of the talks he attended on his last visit included the advice to decide at what type of university they felt happiest and go for that, as being happy with where you were was important. Definitely no but of course, you lot will want to come to Cambridge, or else you wouldn't be here now.

weymouthswanderingmermaid Thu 31-Oct-19 10:41:33

What subject is he looking at, OP? Unless he's looking to do a motel vocational subject, then York should absolutely be first choice above YSJ. Very different unis, so address different needs.

ZandathePanda Thu 31-Oct-19 10:54:24

Dd is another one who was singled out for Oxbridge but didn’t want to go. Didn’t like Durham. Loved Newcastle and liked York.
Course content, feel of the place came before league tables, though I accept their may be a bit of crossover between content/league table.

Piggywaspushed Thu 31-Oct-19 11:21:13

YSJ was never actually a poly...

MarchingFrogs Thu 31-Oct-19 12:17:38

YSJ was never actually a poly...

No, its one of the Cathedrals Group (doesn't sound as desirable as being named after a hotel, does it?) along with Canterbury Christ Church et al.

olympicfan Thu 31-Oct-19 13:47:52

Back in my day YSJ and CC Canterbury were both teacher training colleges not polys.

havingtochangeusernameagain Thu 31-Oct-19 14:03:17

York St John used to be a poly not a uni

Agree with pps it was a teacher training/higher education college.

For what it's worth I would choose York over Durham, too. I wasn't that keen on Durham when I visited it (when I was studying in York).

But I agree with bubbles that York and York St John are very different and I am not sure you would do the same sort of course. It would be comparable with choosing to go to Edgehill uni instead of Liverpool if you wanted to be in the Liverpool area.

LemonPrism Thu 31-Oct-19 14:44:05

York St John is an ex-poly and much lower on the tables

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