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Oh good GOD my brain is like a bowl of custard, should I do an OU course before it dissolves?

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oliveoil Thu 16-Aug-07 10:05:14

I work, have 2 children so will I have time to fit anything in?

What does it entail, anyone with experience please

I am not looking for anything career related, I want to study history or something along those lines

<<flobs about in yellow goo>>

prettypurpledaisy Thu 16-Aug-07 15:08:07

I work at a school and have two children too but have found time to study for an ou course, it is tough sometimes but i have found it really enjoyable, doing ba in literature with a view to teach. Two more modules to go and i am finished. Would recommend giving it a go you can only try.
you get to meet lots of new people and improve mind at the same time.

LIZS Thu 16-Aug-07 15:09:32

Costs a fair bit though does n't it .

prettypurpledaisy Thu 16-Aug-07 16:03:18

Each module is around £575 but you can use tescos coupons if you have any. If you work maybe your employer will contribute something to it, mine pays half. You never know until you ask.

bobsyouruncle Thu 16-Aug-07 16:08:15

I've just finished a 10 point course and am about to start another. I've found it pretty easy to fit in with work & 2 dc under 5 - except the panic when the assessment is due! I think I'd find it hard to do a bigger course until my dc are both at nursery & school tbh. I get funding for mine, but I'm in Scotland - there is information on the OU website about funding.

sauce Thu 16-Aug-07 16:11:42

Another custard-brain here. I want(ed) to do a masters with OU but with those fees, I'd never make it. Unfortunately I don't work - I wish I could!

MarsLady Thu 16-Aug-07 16:14:13

Yes you should! It's fantastic!!!!! Hard work... but so so worth it!

sauce Thu 16-Aug-07 16:20:21

Hello Marsy! Assuming all went well with the Bard, then...

I "can't" work because my dc have so many hols that I'd spend my salary paying for childcare. Depressing.

MarsLady Thu 16-Aug-07 16:33:55

All went very well with the Bard. Currently slogging through 20th Century texts.

Might do creative writing next year as the 19th Century course starts too soon so may have to wait to do it!

Elk Thu 16-Aug-07 16:48:04

The OU have a free facility called OpenLearn where you can try out bits and pieces. I am currently doing an introduction to Classical Latin (should take approx 10hours) and DH is doing one of the management courses.
Doing a few of those units might help you find out what you find interesting and also how you could fit it in before forking out a load of cash.

prettypurpledaisy Thu 16-Aug-07 17:16:12

marslady I am doing them the other way round, start 19th century novel in september and then 20th century next year let me know how it goes and how difficult it is I have never done a level 3 course before.

LIZS Thu 16-Aug-07 17:18:54

Elk, free as in no charge or free as in no obligation/formal structure ?

MarsLady Thu 16-Aug-07 18:26:35

ppd... probably the best way round. Helps with the Modernism aspect of the 20th Century course.

Elk Thu 16-Aug-07 21:47:39

In openlearn there is no charge for the courses, you just need to register.

Each unit of study is structured and takes from 4 hours upwards to do. There is a variety of exercises to do and sample answers are provided. There may also be reading to do.

eg. In the latin one I had exercises to do including looking up words in a dictionary to check derivation and mactching up latin meanings with the English word derved from them.

sauce Fri 17-Aug-07 08:52:02

Could the 'bits & pieces' courses count as credits towards a degree?

Elk Fri 17-Aug-07 09:27:46

The openlearn does not count towards a degree or any qualification.
I am using it to see if I could fit in studying around teh rest of my commitments. (and to see if you have to spend as much time studying as they say you do.)

oliveoil Fri 17-Aug-07 21:03:50

oh goody, answers!

I gulped at the prices on the site tbh, and have no idea which one to study, I want to do them all

Elk - that openlearn stuff sounds just up my street, will have a look

I fancy doing world history/wars/politics or something

every week I read articles in the paper and think oh I would like to know more on that, or oh I didn't know that etc

I could do a masters on Wonderpets

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