Surgical Care Practitioner

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HappyHarlot Sat 12-Oct-19 16:55:11

Has anyone here done the course? If so, how was the application process and how did you find the course and workload please?

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Scaredofthecity Sat 12-Oct-19 17:03:19

I haven't personally done it but I know of others who have.

It is very intensive, and in our trust there is an expectation to do a fair amount of private work alongside nhs work.

I know of 2 who really wanted to do it but both dropped out as they couldn't keep up with the demands of the training and role, alongside having a family.

I think it is very difficult to do alongside young children. But if that isn't an issue then go for it. All the SCPs in my workplace are either older or male (or both!).

Your asking about the application process,
are you looking to fund it yourself? It is usually a secondment opportunity.

HappyHarlot Sat 12-Oct-19 19:35:36

Yes, I'll be seconded and I don't have young children. My concern is that I'll be in my 40's starting a Masters course.
The practical side I am less worried about, it's the academic side I'm bricking it about. I'm out of practice!

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Scaredofthecity Thu 17-Oct-19 16:03:04

Most of the SCPs I work with have done the course later in life. It is hard but I don't know of anyone who dropped out because of the academic side. I'd imagine that because it's a senior position, there will be a few who will feel out of practice wrt uni study.

There are a few Facebook groups for theatre workers/ODPs, you might get a better response if you ask on there.

Good luck! It's a brilliant opportunity. I know many who'd love to do it (me included grin).

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