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Danny2894 Thu 10-Oct-19 16:17:15

A friends daughter has A* English Literature and B in politics and B in history. She wants to study politics/international relations. She really liked Warwick but is worried that her grades are not good enough. She has contacted admissions to see whether it is worth applying but they have not responded. I seem to recall that there is a website which indicates what grades were accepted by universities ..but I can't remember what it was. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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titchy Thu 10-Oct-19 16:36:57

Why doesn't she just apply - she has five places on the ucas form!

Which Guide is what you were referring to I believe, and the ucas website has an offer likelihood predictor.

LIZS Thu 10-Oct-19 16:47:46

Iirc their standard offer is higher (ds thinks 3 A) and rarely in Clearing.

HugoSpritz Thu 10-Oct-19 18:16:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BubblesBuddy Thu 10-Oct-19 20:04:25

I would look at Sheffield or Birmingham who want AAB. They are more likely to offer I would have thought.

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