Evidence needed for DSA Application (Disabled Students Allowance)

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Izzidigne Sun 06-Oct-19 21:44:08

I am trying to get my daughter's DSA application under way. She has already started at Uni and is settling in well. My daughter didn't have a statement as I didn't want her to have that label (may have been a mistake but..). She has been seeing a psychologist at CAMHs since she was 10, has medication for ADHD and has some ASD. I've seen that there are specific guidelines for the report required for DSA application. I'm not sure how to get that report written and who from? Would her psychologist write it or would I have to pay separately.

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MyDcAreMarvel Sun 06-Oct-19 21:45:48

My daughters GP filled it in was pretty basic , cost £15.

ArsenicGreen Sun 06-Oct-19 21:47:01

My DDs therapist did hers and didn’t charge. It was very quick in the end and very worthwhile.

Hassled Sun 06-Oct-19 21:52:37

We ended up paying £££ for a private Ed Psych report - and we were bloody lucky that we could afford to do so. But at the time (a few years ago - hopefully it's changed for the better) that seemed like the only way to get the help DC3 would need.

mum2eim Sun 06-Oct-19 23:29:53

We just uploaded the report from my DDs ASD assessment and a letter from her CAHMS therapist summarising the difficulties she had and what therapy had been undertaken. It all went through fine.

LouLouLoupee Sun 06-Oct-19 23:34:34

All that went in my application was a letter from a GP. Is someone from inclusive learning helping her? It’s only certain people that can fill in the forms

RaptorInaPorkPieHat Mon 07-Oct-19 15:06:42

DD had a letter from school outlining the support they had given her, and the GP filled in the form (and waived the fee as suggested on the form). The GP didn't put any real detail down, just a list of her conditions.

Whatever you do, make copies of everything before you send it off. We got halfway through the process only for Student Finance England to lose all the paperwork hmm.


Izzidigne Mon 07-Oct-19 22:27:42

Thank you for all your replies. They are all so useful. I'm much clearer now and think I know what I need to do. Thanks again.

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